Leeds Christkindelmarkt (German Christmas Market)

Morning my little web makers! How are we all this chilly November morn? I haven’t really done an ‘adventuring around’ kind of blog post in a little while and this weekend me and Will headed to Leeds to wander around the German Christmas Market (otherwise known as the Christkindelmarkt! It wasn’t as big as we expected and it was pretty pricey BUT we had a good time and we found an ale house which had outside patio heaters and lamps and life was good! The weather was pretty shoddy to be quite honest but we persevered and decided to make buying a hat our first priority! We found primark within seconds of leaving the station and proceeded to try on a LOT of hats! Now let me just say that I really struggle to find hats that suit me so it took a LONG time but Will eventually found one that looked alright! Anyway enough chatting I shall start from the very beginning!

Yesterday was Will’s birthday and my honey turned 25 ❀ I of course wanted to make it a special day so I had planned to go to Leeds to explore the Christmas market (forgetting that it is winter and the weather is incredibly unpredictable…) but we went! But first it was present time!

Will took this not me! but he got an array of Will themed things πŸ˜‰ then it was time to get ready and to face the weather…
We walked to Sheffield station, bought our tickets and headed straight to a coffee shop! I of course opted for a girly vanilla latte which happened to come in the CUTEST penguin cup and I stupidly decided to buy Will a large americano… this meant we paid a lot of visits to toilets in Leeds… whoops! Sorry babe!

We got on the direct quickest train from Sheffield to Leeds and just ended up looking at each other thinking why on earth are we heading further north in this weather (it was gusty, cold and torrential rain) not ideal when both of us are not exactly that well wrapped up or wearing the most sensible of coats!

Yes the weather was atrocious…

We got to Leeds and like I said legged it to Primark to buy hats! Will chose me a light beige fleece lined bobble hat and I chose him a burgandy/red hat which matched his jumper nicely! We then thought we’d head to the market which ended up to be a little tricky as our mapping aid system was struggling as we were surrounded by really really tall buildings! I knew it was in Millenium Square and sure enough it was and we started wondering through! It didn’t take long for us to buy a german equivalent of a hot dog! We decided to share because they were pretty massive and it was pretty darn cute if I’m honest!

I don’t know how he does it… he even makes eating look gorg! It was yum and it hit the spot!
Now can you see what I mean about me and hats anyway I have decided I shall embrace hats because they are warm and I apparently look cute!? Who knows but I shall be a hat wearer here forth! We of course had to take a cute couple selfie which makes me look about 12…

Then it was time to explore the stalls of the market and try and find the mulled wine stall (which FYI we did…)

We found the mulled wine chalet and of course couldn’t resist! It was super pricy as you had to pay a deposit for the mugs (which was returned if you gave it back) but I kept mine because I’m a girl and it’s memory of a dreamy adventure on my loves birthday! It was yummy and warm and very much needed!
There was a whole variety of different stalls selling different things but this one in particular captured Will’s eye as his family have these at home and he of course wanted to give these a go! I have a video on instagram but cannot sadly post it on here hohum!
It really did feel festive as everyone was bundled up and eating and drinking and be generally merry! It was a lovely atmosphere despite the weather!
We both reminisced about little wooden toys that we had when we were little and admired all the beautiful wooden toys because let’s face it wooden toys are pretty darn cute and classy!
There was so many food stalls selling a whole array of German delights! For example chocolate, waffles, burgers, sausages and so forth! It all smelt absolutely divine!


There was also a traditional carousel which looked lovely and just added to the all over vibe of the place!
Despite the weather the place was crowded!
It successfully got me (possibly Will) into the Christmas spirit!

We then headed for an ale house which had been recommended by Will’s work colleague and like I said just sat and drank outside under the heaters away from the rain and enjoyed each others company and it was a really lovely way to end our time together in Leeds!

Of course I have red wine in hand and Will has ale!

We then got back on the train to Sheffield made a pit stop at Wetherspoons where we shared a plate of nachos with pulled pork, had a few more drinks and wandered back together in the wind and rain (how romantic ha ha!) It really was a lovely day and altogether a lovely weekend with my love! So here is to Will! I really hope this next year will be as magical and dreamy as possible!

Until next time! Love & hugs xxx



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