A list of things I am looking forward to in December!


Morning little webblings! It’s the first of December which means it’s nearly Christmas and I personally am quite excited! It’s quite a hectic month with lots of deadlines and things planned and dreamy activities that await once I have broken up! BUT first I really enjoyed November! You can read about my hopes for the month here! I really enjoyed writing my November list so I felt it was time I write my December list! So lets get listing…

  • I get to open my cute & dreamy Frozen advent calendar (day 1 was Olaf ;)…)
  • Christmas shopping for my loved ones! I love buying gifts for others!
  • The annual Christingle service at home.
  • Drinking mulled wine and punch.
  • Watching Christmas films with the tree lights on.
  • Wrapping presents and making them look as cute as can be!
  • Spending precious time with my loved ones.
  • Eating mince pies and yummy christmas biscuits!
  • Burning spice scented candles!
  • Watching the new Star wars movie in Reading with Will!
  • Not having to travel back home on my own but with Mops!
  • Attempting to build our gingerbread house that we purchased from Waitrose!
  • Eating delicious tasty food!
  • Flat trip to Toby Carvery
  • Final flat night out
  • Drinks with Nicola
  • Wrapping up in lots of layers
  • Playing Buzz on Boxing Day!
  • Watching Louisa causing mischief
  • Seeing the wonderful job my Mum has done putting up the decorations!
  • Listening to Christmas classics!
  • Playing cheesy games over Christmas
  • Watching Inside Out
  • Making dreamy and wonderful memories

So here is to a dreamy December! What things have you got planned for this festive month?

Love & Hugs




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