Day 1 (12 days of Christmas challenge!)

Morning cinnamon spiced webblings!

Screen shot 2015-12-02 at 23.15.53

Today is the third of December (which hopefully means Olaf will have a companion instead of a pair of trees for company!) Day 1 of the challenge is to list your favourite things about Christmas (and we all know I am a sucker for list writing ;)… So let’s get listing)

  • The taste of mulled wine.
  • The smell of real Christmas trees
  • The wonderful Β sights of twinkling Christmas lights
  • The classic lovey dovey films that are on the TV ALL THE TIME!
  • Mincepies with a cup of tea!
  • Michael Buble… need I say anymore?Β 
  • Honey roasted gamon, covered in marmalade & pierced with clovesΒ 
  • Making my annual christingle at our local church
  • Wrapping presents in such a darn cute way!
  • Opening up my advent calendar (aka building the frozen scene…)
  • Burning spiced candles
  • Cinnamon sticks in fruit punch
  • Christmas playlist
  • Flying home for Christmas to be with my loved ones
  • A cheeky baileys or 4…
  • Admiring my sweet mums handy work on decorating the trees!
  • Taking photos of the memories
  • Opening presents
  • Playing silly childish games which are fun!
  • Dressing up on Christmas day
  • Surprise gifts for others!
  • The huge array of delicious food which is on offer!
  • Wearing lots of accessories like hats and scarves
  • Watching the cats go crazy and climb the tree

Happy listing! May the listing be with you!


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