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Day 3: 12 days of Christmas challenge!

Morning little pretty cups brimming with mulled wine! 

Today is the 5th September (who knew I could time travel, silly me writing at 01.11am…) and one thing for sure is that my advent window on my childish ‘create the scene of Frozen’ is TINY! Oh what could it be… Anyway let me not get side tracked with thinking of, yes you guessed it DREAMY things (a word which features heavily on this little bit of the webosphere) but I’m excited to get Sven, Elsa and Anna! Oh my it’s going to be grand!

*Seriously Char stop talking about Frozen*

I’m cracking on with day three of the Christmas blogging challenge because I will be crazy busy in the last twelve days leading up to Christmas so it’s most likely going to be daily posts from here on out! One year I attempted a blogmas… more like a blogail..Anyway touch wood I am persevering with this nice and simple (not too much to ask for) festive challenge!

Screen shot 2015-12-02 at 23.15.53

Day 3: Your favourite Christmas recipe/food

Oh my word this is right up my street of culinary loving! I feel like I say this a lot BUT I haven’t eaten an actual meat Christmas day meal in quite some time (up to now because this webber is a meat embracer and eater! Good bye veggie sausages & facon and HELLO PIGS IN BLANKET. Oh gosh and don’t even get me started on my mumsies AMAZING homemade stuffing which is literally heavenly and to be frank I could just eat a whole bowl full… YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD IT WAS TO WATCH PEOPLE EAT TASTY FOOD WHILST I SAT THERE WITH SOME FORM OF MUSHROOM IN PASTRY! But that now is a thing of the past. Vegetarianism ceases to exist in CMEW’S life! I kind of realise these posts are a tad all over the place because it is 12 days till I see Will & 13 days till we fly home! I’m excited albeit in pain and on antibiotics for this stupid travelling UTI but it shall not bring me down! It’s still Buble, Wham & the Pogues from here on out! So my darling little web makers my favourite Christmas food is the blooming,get in my belly, pronto stuffing lovingly made by Mumma!

*I have drank so much cranberry juice & popped so many pills that when I read this back tomorrow after it’s done it’s little publish itself thingy I am going to cringe at what I typed at 01:11 yay!

Over and out you brimming & deliciously tasty/fruity cups of mulled wine



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