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Day 4: 12 days of Christmas challenge!

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Day 4: Story time!

When I was a little girl many years ago now (sob) I saw reindeer footprints on our front door mat and they went all the way up the stairs to where the living room was which contained a mince pie for santa, a carrot for rudolph and a glass of milk for teetotal ‘father’ Christmas! I woke up and ran down the stairs to see this marvellous delight and excitedly followed the tracks to see the crumbs from a mince pie and a half chewed carrot! I was immediately distraught that the whole carrot hadn’t been eaten because after all ‘reindeers’ love carrot right? Fast forward a month or so to the school playground whilst discussing what beverage we all left father christmas…

“Well we left him some of Mummies special drink (wine)

“We left him some of Daddies special drink (beer)”

“Well I left him milk”

Little did I know…Β 




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