Day 6! 12 days of Christmas blogging challenge!

Screen shot 2015-12-02 at 23.15.53

Once again I am writing this in the evening on the 8th December but this will go live on the 9th! (and yet this is only blog post No. 6… sorry I didn’t jump on the band wagon on the 1st!)

Todays topic of discussion is to share a fond childhood Christmas memory!

Now my little brimming pies stuffed with mince and currents I already told you about one of my favourite memories (the footprints from father christmas and reindeers which you can read here!Β 

So I am going to have think of another fun filled memory that little old me treasures to this day!

This is a tough one.

I always enjoyed (like every other child) walking into my parents room, getting in bed for a snuggle and then us all going down in our jarmies to see what father christmas had left! Mum would always have a cup of tea, Dad would have a glass of milk… sound familiar πŸ˜‰ and I would excitedly tear paper and cause one big massive mess and then I would want to open all my new toys and it was always a struggle because we had to go to church on Christmas morning which meant I couldn’t play with my toys straight away! When I was little we often went out for Christmas lunch and I remember wearing beautiful classy dresses and running around various hotels enjoying all the little nooks and crannies that were around to explore! I always bought some form of entertainment with me (dependent on age it ranged from my sticker box to a nintendo!) I’d also make everyone play my drawing game or the shop game where you had to write a big long list of things relating to the category! I had a well of a time and made entertainment wherever I was! Christmas was truly magical during my childhood and I hope one day to have my own to share the magic with and to spoil rotten!

What are some of your favourite childhood Christmas memories?

So little spiced sticks of goodness that wraps up day 6! Which means I am half way through this festive little blogging challenge

C xxx


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