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Day 10: 12 days of Christmas challege!

Screen shot 2015-12-02 at 23.15.53

Day 10: Favourite Christmas movie or song (for me both haha)

This is super duper easy. My favourite Christmas movie/ favourite movie of all time is Love Actually! I shall post a couple of brilliantly hilarious clips Will showed me (which aren’t in the movie so won’t be a spoiler) BUT he is brilliant for finding such gold content which I can now include in this little festive post!


If you haven’t watched the trailer go go go!

Personal favourite clips in the movie (but I wont ruin it so here’s a few pictures)

Cock blocked by an octopus
Its so much more than a bag!
C. Frizz

Oh I could carry on all day, posting away all my favourite gifs in Love Actually! If you are one of the ignorant people who are unaware of this ABSOLUTE GEMΒ of a film with the rather dishy Hugh & Colin… you my friends are missing out!Β 

Onto Christmas songs, of course I am cracking out Buble for this part!

So my little munchkins ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!’

(I thought I’d make this one a little more fun and frolic(y)

Love of mulled wine kisses

C xxx

Here’s Grant’s bum to round things off (bottom pun intended)Β 

3 thoughts on “Day 10: 12 days of Christmas challege!

  1. OMGOMGOMGOMG this my all time favourite christmas film too! i watch it at least 3 times each christmas time (i also sprinkle a little bit of muppets christmas carol too). I think you have managed to pick out some of my most favourite bits too! Now i may need to go and watch it all over again x


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