Tipsy day 9: 12 days of Christmas challenge

Evening, tis the early hours of the morn on the 12th December am I excited HELL YEAAAH!

I’m all over the place because I of course cracked open a bottle of the red stuff to aid with essay writing (which failed) and as a result I am now watching the Midnight Meat Train (how very festive, lots of blood and gore which emeans a pillow is called for! I head home in 6 days and see Willy-bum in like 5 days! I apologise about the incoherent mess that is going on in this post but hey! Tipsy blogging for you ladies and gentlemen!


So what does the 9th hold in store, what shall it be!?!

Screen shot 2015-12-02 at 23.15.53

Day 9: who will be sat with you for Christmas dinner?

This thankfully is straightforward and I can answer this without too much thought and coherent thinking! So for Christmas day sat on our festive red, green and gold table wil be yours truly, my Mum, Dad, Gran, Auntie, Cousin & her husband and daughter, my Auntie’s partner and my other Gran!

SO there will be a grand total of 10 (I think) but then again I’ve drank wine and been on antibiotics for a while so who knows whether I can actually still count to ten now. So my merry little sacks of goodies those are the people who will be sat around my merry table of food and crackers and array of condiments! I’m going to read this abck and cringe at what I decided to write at 00:41 on Saturday morning whilst watching a super unjovial film about mass butchering on an underground train yay!

Love and hugs and Christmas cheer to you all my darling little spiderling munchkins


P.s. thanks for being fabulous (new &old) and following my webosphere!

Who will be sat around your table?


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