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Gingerbread house making isn’t easy!

Evening webblings of the webosphere!

Saturday night was the NIGHT that me and Will embarked on one almighty challenge. It was questionable whether Will’s sanity would remain in tact/our relationship (THAT IS A JOKE FYI) BASICALLY Will was pushed to the absolute limits with the stupid gingerbread house kit that we bought in Sheffield! At one point I didn’t even think we’d get to the baking stage but my darling boyfriend persevered and didn’t throw a tantrum (like I would have done & therefore felt he should do the tricky part!… then again he did about 90% of the work…) Lets just say he was fairly stressed and worn out by the end of it! BUT YES CMEW & WRS made their first (and probably last) gingerbread house! Albeit it wasn’t that spectacular if you scroll through gingerbread house feeds on instagram or pinterest you would be fairly disappointed! BUT WE DID IT!

It literally took hours to get to this point… lets just say the dough was fairly manhandled by Will πŸ˜‰

We had such high expectations… we felt confident in our ability and we were both certain we’d create something along these lines…

I jest… we were still forever hopeful!



So we might have *slightly* overdone the gingerbread and it MIGHT have been a tad smaller than expected…

But we persevered and covered the burnt biscuit in decorations and attempted to pipe snow piles and used a lot of decorations to disguise the sad looking gingerbread that is was/is!
As you can see gingerbread house making is both physically and mentally exhausting. Thank goodness Notting Hill was on the box to ease our pain!

So the moral of the story folks is NOT to buy a gingerbread house kit which requires baking and general faffing about. Also don’t expect things to go to plan, the icing will most likely run and the picturesque cottage in Hansel and Gretel covered in delicious edible things will merely only be a figment in your imagination and if it manages to come into fruition you my dear are one lucky individual and I hope a huge snow drift ruins your dreamy and perfect little house (no I am NOT bitter… nope not one bit)

Set your standards low to avoid disappointment…

Just be prepared to experience every single motion that is possible… Oh but do not be too put off! I just wish you a LOT of luck

C xxx


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