Travelling home for Christmas!

Afternoon little web makers I am back with a festive post (albeit at the time fairly stressful post…) but my journey to the South was full of unexpected things!

I left Sheffield on the 17th December and got to the station in plenty of time because I am one to ensure that I leave plenty of time because when it comes to travel I am pretty cursed! My direct train to Reading was due to leave at 10:24 but upon arrival I scouted out the train times to discover that it was delayed and didn’t really think much of it and decided I’d just go and wait on the platform.

It is from this point on I SHOULD have known everything was going to go boobs up! The lift to the platform was broken which meant I had to try and negotiate the multiple flights of stairs with my beast of a case! Let’s just say it was challenging to say the least and I built up quite a sweat! I eventually got to the platform and checked out what was going on with my train for it to only disappear off the board and to be cancelled. I was distraught. All the trains to Birmingham New Street were either diverted or cancelled due the flooding further up North and it seemed none of the people who worked at the station could help me!

Then along came my night in train armour who saw a very distressed girl frantically on the phone to her rather stressed mother and boyfriend and proceeded to make her life a whole lot more bearable! That man was a gem, he sorted my onwards travel, sat me in first class, provided directions and served me coffee! After quite a bit of fuss and diversions I eventually got on a direct train from Derby to Southampton which went via Reading and was only around an hour later than expected!

I got to Reading and then faced the challenge of finding the right car park! Thankfully the first car park I went to was where my love was waiting! We then drove back to Will’s and he opened his remaining days of his Star Wars advent calendar and we packed all of our things and got ready for the Star Wars viewing that he had booked at the Oracle! We both got ready and put on our Star Wars attire…

We went via Mc Donald’s for a ‘romantic’ pre film meal! Will had one of the festive burgers and I opted for a Big Mac! Then we headed to the cinema but I of course took a photo of the Oracle looking all Christmassy!

The new Star Wars film was an emotional roller coaster and was really good but sad at the same time and poor Will was an emotional wreck! We then drove back and Will saw a bottle of mulled wine sat on the stairs from his land lady so we had mulled wine and had an early night because we had to be up early for the taxi to Reading station in the morning!

The taxi was booked for 5:30am and both of us got ready in record speed timing! Will left plenty of time for when we got to the station and we both required a coffee! I of course wanted a girly coffee whilst he opted for a ‘manly’ coffee!

The train to Gatwick airport took just over an hour and when we got to Gatwick it was crazy busy with people travelling home for Christmas! It looked really cute and festive!

We both checked in and ditched the bags and headed for security! Will of course got through with no problem! I on the other hand had to go through the body scanner twice… Only me! After 20 minutes we finally got through and Will wanted me to lose my egg and sausage mc muffin virginity and let’s just say it was AMAZING! I can see what he means and Will had a breakfast wrap! We then headed to the pub at 9am (don’t judge) for a pre flight tipple! Will had an ale, I had red wine (shock horror)

Our gate opened so our beverages were quickly consumed, a mad dash for the toilet and then we headed to the gate! Then there was the usual chilling at the gate! We got on the plane and relaxed knowing that we were both going home for a magical Christmas!

Love & hugs

C xx

(I’ll be back with another festive post very soon… Maybe even after this one!)


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