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4th January 2016

Today is the 4th January 2016, which means four precious days of the new year have already flown by! Today was the day that me and Will had to part out separate ways as he headed back to the UK after his annual holiday whilst I stayed in Guernsey frantically typing essays for my upcoming deadlines.

I however want to document this day because despite it being extremely unproductive and uneventful it was lovely to spend quality timeΒ together doing what we do best… Watching awful day time television whilst snuggling on the sofa under a blanket! The day involved all your usual typical British day time TV such as Homes under the Hammer, Wanted Down Under, Heir Hunters & Escape to the Country being just a few! We ate cheese and cucumber sandwiches lovingly made by Will and giggled at the TV and chatted away for most of the day before my love had to go to the airport to get his flight. I would be lying if I said that my heart wasn’t feeling a tad glum and I am already counting down the days till I see my wonderful man but being apart makes me realise just how special our time together is and makes me hold onto every single precious moment we share together.

In hindsight (albeit it might not sound like much) it was a very special day, one that I would like to document and remember. Love really is key to happiness.

Treasure all the little things like lovingly made cups of tea and blanket cuddles is the moral of this little story!

Love & hugs

C xxx


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