Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Morning munchkins

I have failed as a blogger to actually blog about my Christmas! Yes I have managed to fit in my present post and a few others here and there but I have failed to mention the big day itself and failed to include some delightful snaps that were taken with my family and friends over the Christmas period! So here it is Charzweb’s Christmas 2015!

The glorious Turkey basking in its greatness!
Christmas is family time but family time should be all year round!
Feat Christmas cracker hats!

Then before we knew it… SELFIE TIME! Feat Gran, Sar, Mum & Auntie Di!

Feat Dad, Mum, Sar & myself!

I felt and looked like a little girl on Christmas day…
Mandatory Mumsie & daughter selfie!

It was a lovely day spent with my nearest and dearest and the food was delicious as always and my Mum did an excellent job! We had a super fun day and absolutely stuffed ourselves silly but isn’t that what Christmas is all about πŸ˜‰ The week between Christmas day and new year was fairly relaxed and I spent the majority of time at either my house or Will’s! During that week Will bought his new toy (a seriously impressive camera) and therefore he spent the week trying it out and tried to get volunteers to pose for him! As I’m his girlfriend I of course was subject to the photographing but it wasn’t all that bad because I got to spend time with my boy which pleased me greatly!

I met up with some of my Sixth-form friends for an evening of playing cards against humanity and drinking various beverages…


On new years eve me and Will went on a little brisk walk to test out his camera, it was a fairly cold and windy day which made portrait photography a little challenging because my hair DOES NOT cooperate for man nor beast!


It really was a lovely Christmas, up there with the best! Me and Will spent New Years Eve at his parents house and bought in the new year playing games, drinking various beverages and attempting to sing Auld Lang Sine!


So thank you to those who made this Christmas so incredibly special

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and all have a happy new year!

love & hugs



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