January: dreams for the future



In case you haven’t noticed… I am a girl… a girl who has big hopes and dreams for the future.  Every girl at some point in their lives have dreamt about the future; falling in love, buying houses, getting a job, being an actual grown up and owning actual grown up things and getting excited over pots and pans! Yes, guilty I am a bit of a dreamer… I get way too excited over cushions and kitchenware! I feel like I’ve never actually spoken about my hopes and dreams for the future and since I’ve handed in all of my law assignments (and believe me there were a LOT) I have been feeling pretty creative and I am in the process of planning my studio for next year! Top of the list being a big cream furry bean bag!

I love uni but at the same time I really cannot wait for these three years to pass! I have so many plans and ideas for things and I’m hoping, just maybe my dreams and plans will come into fruition and I’ll be able to achieve some! I’ve always loved designing houses (I used to design incredible houses in the Sims games (they took days at a time to complete and chose the interior) So for this particular post I am going to share some of my dreams that I hope to one day incorporate into a house!

My inspiration of course came from Pinterest… so without further a do let’s get dreaming and planning!

I have to admit I love a house with character and I hope my ‘forever’ home has character in abundance! It could come in a variety of ways such as a chocolate box cottage to a period town house but I think as soon as you walk through the front door you just instinctively know whether that is the place for you!

These dreamy houses are totally my cup of tea!

One extremely important room in my opinion is the kitchen! It is often the heart of the home, its the room thats sees the most action and therefore in my opinion there should be room for a dining table because I am all for a kitchen diner!

I absolutely love cream and wooden surfaces as it looks incredibly bright and airy!
This kitchen features a belfast sink and is in a gorgeous powder blue! I absolutely love the units and accents of powder blue within the appliances could look extremely beautiful!
A neutral, practical and functional kitchen with accents of colour within the furnishings screams me! I absolutely love the incorporation of vibrant colours and I personally think (bar the table) that this is a gorgeous kitchen!

Next onto the living room!

Cream, neutral and airy is ideal for a living room! It makes rooms seem much more spacious and looks classy as well as comfortable!
Imagine winter spent in this beauty of a lounge!I love the red accents and various tones of wood! It would suit a cottage or a house in the country beautifully! 

I would love to one day make my home into my perfect little dreamy paradise! Only time will tell!

Love & Hugs

C xxx



2 thoughts on “January: dreams for the future

  1. Mrs. Ipockolypse January 7, 2016 / 7:09 pm

    I love it! All of these concepts flow so well into each other! ❤


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