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10th Jan, Sunday musing!

I honestly cannot remember the last time I wrote a musing on this blog! It’s been a while to say the least! I just felt it was time I caught up with whats been going on behind the webosphere!

  1. Christmas was a magical time spent with my nearest and dearest and I have to admit it was one of the very best! I was incredibly spoilt by everyone (if you are interested I blogged about it!) The food was delicious and the company was grand! A lot of special memories were made this festive season and for that I am extremely grateful!
  2. I somehow managed to juggle a ton of law work, Will, family and friends and maintained a healthy balance on all four things!!! Yes I know it was kind of miraculous because I of course wanted to see Will when we both were available and I of course wanted to see my family and get all my assignments mailed in and this girl succeeded!
  3. I’ve managed to catch up with the majority of my friends, whether that was for dinner, drinks or both! We have wined and dined! It has been lovely catching up and bumping into old faces which I haven’t seen since I left sixth-form (quite a few years ago now)
  4. Guess what… I get to see Will! This time next week I shall be in Reading! I decided that seeing as he is staying put in the South this January I would pay him a little visit… So I booked my flight to Southampton and my wonderful, kind and hunky man is going to pick me up and we are just going to chill (because he is a working man…) and just enjoy one another’s company before I head back up to start semester two at university!
  5. I absolutely ADORE colouring, it’s so therapeutic and passes a lot of time and is rewarding and I’m now even attempting tonal!!! Yes you heard me right!
  6. Will messaged me the other day saying ‘I have something to share’ the boy has only gone and set up Netflix and was messaging me the email and password!!! He is such a babe and that really makes watching Breaking Bad a whole lot easier! He is full of surprises! I remember about a month ago saying maybe we should get Netflix and he said we’d look into it… but of course he never forgets and remembered and now the two of us keep saying to ourselves one more episode… ok only 1 more… 10 later! I’m not complaining! It’s constant entertainment wherever we go!
  7. Retail therapy shopping is gooood! Note to self when the boyfriend goes back to England… shopping eases one afternoon of pain by buying beautiful pretty things that are dreamy and fab!
  8. I’m also really looking forward to the spring when we are meant to be going on long strenuous walks in the hills (because I am most definitely getting that January feel ;)… Also when it warms up a little we can get back to geocache loving!
  9. This month also marked a time where I had to say goodbye to a good friend and pal of mine… my Macbook! This thing has lasted YEARS, it is well loved and looks extremely beat up! So it was time I got another new shiny pal (note to self this time I am buying a rainbow keyboard cover and protective skin and everything to look after my new baby!
  10. Will decided to partake in dry January and he is flying through and is doing so incredibly well! I never doubted him and I wish I could say I haven’t drank an alcoholic beverage this month so far… but I would be lying!
  11. On another note cauliflower rice is the bomb, it’s super healthy, filling and tastes divine!! Maybe I’ll do a post about it one day soon?

So as you can see I am a happy little chappy and a fair bit has been going on behind the web!

Love and hugs to you all

C xxx



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