13/1/16 Steak night with my parents!

Yesterday evening me and my parents went to The Rock Garden, a local steak house (which serves other food for those who oppose yummy steaks!) so if you ever find yourself in Guernsey (Channel Islands) then definitely check it out! It’s a little pricy but super worth it!

*FYI Will… we need to go!*

To start we opted for the special which was caramelised scallops with pancetta, vanilla syrup and walnuts with edible flowers! it was very beautiful and yummy albeit on the small side (which was good for me… not so good for my Dad)



I opted for a 200g Argentine steak which came with fries, bernaise sauce, tomatoes and an onion ring! it was delicious



for dessert i had a deconstructed banoffee pie! which was so yummy!


It was a very yummy meal! I tried out my new Polaroid camera! I captured this lovely memory on film and surprisingly it wasn’t that bad!

Love C



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