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Visiting Stone Henge

I am back in the UK!

My flight from Guernsey was at 8:20am and I was due to arrive in Southampton at 9:00am BUT for once my flight was early and we got there super early!

Will picked me up from the airport (what a cutie) and then said we were going somewhere but it was a surprise…

We both needed serious fuel to wake up and get ourselves motivated for the day so we stopped for a naughty little treat on the way.

A Mc Donalds breakfast with either tea or coffee (because lets face it caffeine is friend after-all)

As we started heading towards Wiltshire I had an inkling on where we were going and just thought I’d come straight out with it.

“Will are we going to Stone Henge?”

I got it right, see this girl does listen to most things πŸ˜‰

To those of you who have never visited just a heads up… it’s a little pricy (as we discovered and sets you back roughly Β£30 for two adults!

It was still pretty good fun and interesting and of course there is a gift shop where they encourage you exit through along with a cafe which probably serves the most expensive cafe food imaginable… then again it’s the National Trust and they are known for their expensive admission prices!

First you are ushered through the exhibition which tells you all about Stone Henge, it’s creation and other important facts such as where the Stones originated from! There’s about three rooms in total showing videos, artefacts and models.

One bit I particularly liked was the post card exhibition which showed how Stone Henge had looked over the years through post cards that had been sent to loved ones and so forth!


Then we headed outside to where there was a replica stone which challenged tourists to see if they could pull it (of course you can’t not unless you are some super mutant from Fallout that is…)

There were also some little huts that individuals would have lived in during that era!


Me and Will didn’t actually know that to see the stone you have to hop on a 5/6 minute shuttle bus to go to the almighty Stones! Fortunately it is included within the price and all you need to do is show your ticket and hop right on board!

They give you the option from walking from further away and a few were dropped at the Woods!

The bus takes you within a stones throw of Stone Henge and there is plenty of great photo opportunity!

Technology failed me.

I had just bought a polaroid camera and was desperate to take a photo of the Henge on polaroid but of course there was a problem.

My film had been ruined by the airport scanners and was basically rendered useless.


He captured the moment of despair on film.


Oh dear. It sort of vaguely resembles a misty set of Rocks (not quite what I expected)


Fortunately my iPhone (before it died…) came to the rescue and I managed to capture the stones in a Charlotte fashion (which makes it easy to instagram of course…)

Fortunately Will took some cute photos on his big beast of a camera because both my phone and polaroid decided to play up majorly!!!

cover photo

So first of all we got the stone but missed the Henge itself…


Then we finally got the Stone and the Henge (pretty much the whole purpose of our visit to Wiltshire!)

stone 5


But before we hopped back on the bus to take us back to the warmth Will of course spied some…

sheep 1.jpeg


So yes we have ticked another place off our list of places to visit! It was a lovely surprise and a lovely day!

I would like to report that my camera still functions (the film was ruined)

It was a mission to find film but Will managed to find some in Curry’s and I’m pleased to report it worked!!!


Another lovely memory to add to the list!

Love & Hugs

C xxx


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