Final Day Out In London

Evening little webblings!

I am back with another fun and frolics post (potentially)

We spent the day in London checking out the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum! It’s my final day in the South before I head back up to Yorkshire tomorrow lunch time! I’m a little sad because I’ve been fortunate enough to spend quite a lot of time with Will especially over the Christmas break and over this week! I know all good things must come to an end and I know I must head back to the rolling hills of South Yorkshire (albeit a little reluctant!)

Will asked me whether I fancied spending the day in London and of course I wouldn’t turn down an offer to explore new places and see new sights! Last time we were in London we were urban caching and the time before that we explored the British Museum (which I blogged about if you are interested in our London adventures) You can read more about that hereΒ and here!

The museums in London are huge and it is impossible to get around the whole museum in one day! So we said we’d aim to go back and tackle the rest of the exhibits and floors at a later date! We got on a train from Reading to London Paddington and made our way towards South Kensington towards the museums! We of course however stopped for the obligatory coffee stop at a near by Prett!


Will of course knew my drink of choice… a vanilla late and he of course opted for an americano! I also required vegetable crisps…

IMG_0392 copy.jpg

My cheeky face says it all really! I look exceptionally brown, its quite a shock! After our pit stop we headed to the Natural History Museum (you’ll be able to tell which photos are mine… and which were taken by Will (thank you cutie for letting me ‘borrow’ your photos!)

But first let us take a selfie…

lets face it his camera is master of selfies!

IMG_0394 copy.JPG

lets face it his camera is master of selfies!



Can I just say that I absolutely love winter because I get to wrap up in coats and boots and get all cuddly! It’s fantastic! Before you actually enter the museum theres a quick bag search (clearly upping their security in such highly populated attractions!)

My photo…
Will’s photo… you might be able to notice the difference in quality! πŸ˜‰

We were very sad to discover that the dinosaur exhibition was closed till February and there were only a few token dinosaurs scattered around the place such as this almighty beast in the foyer of the museum!


He was quite the beast!!!

IMG_0405 copy.jpg


He was clearly the main attraction! Another cute photo for me to add to the collection! I am definitely not complaining! I am a girl after all who is extremely sentimental and adorns her room in photos of loved ones and happy memories!

We made our way towards the birdΒ exhibit first of all! At first it showed all the extinct birds like the dodo and other types!



We then headed towards the mammal section which contained all the BIG animals of the world!





Remarkably cute for a stuffed animal…
One of my favourite animals of all time!

The next section literally contained all my favourite animals such as polar bears and big cats! I would hate to get up so close and personal with these almighty animals

(fortunately they were stuffed)

The polar bear (without doubt one of the best creatures around) I actually saw a real one in a wildlife park in Doncaster! I wrote a blog post about it actually!



I could continue but I feel thats a worthy amount of animals for one day!

We then wandered around the genetic section which was all about life and how it starts and then dived into a bit of biology such as how much blood a human body contains which was actually shockingly not that much!!!



We then took an escalator into the earths core which took us to the earth quake and volcano section of the museum! There was a simulator of what an earth quake in Kobe (Japan) would have been liked which happened when I was only 1!


The section after was all about rock formation and there were a lot of displays showing different natural gems which contained descriptions on how they were formed! By this time we were both feeling fairly jaded and felt it was time for a sit down, a cold drink and a bite to eat! It was a bit of a mission to find somewhere which wasn’t absolutely crowded but on our second attempt we found a nice little pub in South Kensington where we eventually secured a table, got a cold beverage and ordered a plate of delicious pulled pork nachos to share!

Safe to say it was definitely one up to the Wetherspoons nachos we normally opt for and a sit down and a snack was definitely called for!

Once we’d been fed and watered we headed over to the Science Museum which is literally just down the road from the Natural History Museum!

It is a really cool museum exhibiting lots of science related things such as motors, space and how the human body works! It’s also pretty interactive which makes it instantly attractive to tourists as theres things to see and do and in this case touch!

We started off our museum exploration in the section which exhibited old industrial mills (which are massive may I add)



We then wandered through the space exhibit which was really fascinating and there was an awful lot to see and do! The exhibit contained a replica luna command module as used by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong during the Apollo 11 moon landing.



Next up was a huge room which was all about the industrial revolution! It was full of motors, old vehicles and lots of cool things! You could have spent half a day just wandering around that room in itself! We attempted a polaroid (but me being me put the camera on the wrong setting which meant the steam train in the background just appeared as darkness but I shall include a photo anyway because Will seems to be right about it being a little unreliable in certain conditions…


Just to clarify this is the train I was on about (thats meant to be in my polaroid)…

Oh dear, oh dear, OH DEAR! Next time hey…



I particularly liked this exhibit… very cool and retro!

The big ascent awaited us and we took to the stairs to discover more fun and frolics on the upper floors!

One exhibit took our fancy… a seven toed cat
There were a lot of games to play along the way (some were extremely weird…)

Will particularly enjoyed leaving anonymous feed back on a machine and decided to write several reviews which were rather amusing to read in my opinion! He also enjoyed making a computer vehicle which you could race against other vehicles made by visitors to the museum and got quite competitive… πŸ˜‰


I decided to give a game a go and of course Will got out his camera to capture the moment… I must admit it is pretty hilarious because my glasses make me look like I’m one massive science geek…

Ignore my teeth I was laughing whilst Will was snapping it seems!

We decided we’d seen enough for one day (10 minutes before the museum closes) we got back on the tube to Paddington to go on to Reading!

It was a lovely way to round off our week together and another memory to add to my growing list of memories! I feel incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful guy and have the opportunity to learn and see such things!

I’m sorry this was a bit of a beast of a post! I hope you all have had a wonderful Saturday

So until next time

Love & Hugs

C xxx


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