Back to the North!


Good evening my little webblings of the web!

I am back in the blustery North, back to university and back to reality! I waved my love goodbye at Reading station on Sunday and made my way back up t’north! It is safe to say I have been completely thrown into the deep end this week with seminars and lectures! I think I’m still adjusting to the massive leap of lying around on various pieces of furniture to the joys of a 9am lecture on European Union Law!

I just cannot believe where the time has gone! One minute it was Christmas and then the next it’s nearing February and my second year is flying by! I’ve got all of my results back from the mountain of assessments I attempted to tackle over the Christmas break and apart from one I am relatively happy, I mean sure I could have done a lot better but in hind sight it wasn’t too shabby! I feel like the work payed off in the end!

Last week with Will was cute, it was brilliant to see him again and to spend time together (even if a lot of it was spent sprawling on the sofa or bed and watching orange is the new black… Please don’t judge! We went out for an Indian atΒ Theale Tandoori (it just so happens that Sunday was buffet night and we contended with a rather rowdy table seated next to us and on several occasions the woman nearly knocked our drinks flying! I of course had to opt for a mild curry whilst Will went for his normal spicy garlic curry and its safe to say even he found it a tad on the hot side! We had popadoms to start with a variety of dips! The restaurant also gives a free bailey type shot at the end of the meal along with minty chocolates which I of course gobbled up (I also ate Will’s when he wasn’t looking… I’m a sneaky chocolate stealing ninja!)

Will was of course working during the week and I got through season 2 of OITNB and planned to make a start on either Breaking Bad or Making a Murderer which has been highly recommended by A LOT of people!

That week Will also made a very sneaky phonecall about something which I’m terrified about but also extremely grateful for… driving lessons. Yes, this cheeky but wonderful man booked my first driving lesson for next Wednesday for two hours! I’m terrified but I know I NEED to do this… after all what use am I if I can’t drive!?! He actually drove me to his work place on that Sunday and made me do some ‘moves’ around the car park… I stalled twice, cried once, got het up and needed a cuddle and some wine to calm my nerves. He was incredibly patient thankfully… πŸ˜‰

We also tried out one of our fave Youtubers pizza recipe… baked beans and mozzarella! It was super tasty and very messy… BUT highly enjoyable! It was good, we sat ate and watched some fool try and plan a Shakespearean themed wedding… he only made his mother in law fly (bearing in mind she hates flying) to her own daughters wedding and used really tacky decorations… maybe we are just harsh but it is comedy gold!

We also went on a hunt for the Witcher (a game which won game of the year) which meant it was very difficult to find… we traipsed around Reading in and out of game shops searching for this very elusive game! We gave up after discovering that every shop had sold out so we headed to Tescos and Will just thought he’d check out the game section and low and behold there it was… just sitting on the shelf waiting for Will it seemed! I have to admit from what I’ve seen… it is pretty cool but quite challenging!

We of course headed to London on Saturday which I blogged about previously which was super fun and enjoyable (even if I was completely knackered after)

I have the day off of uni tomorrow which means sleeping in then working, making a delicious phili, ham, lettuce and tomato bagel, cup of tea and a satsuma! Sounds idyllic! The weather has been so shoddy and gloves have definitely been called for! I have ordered 10 boxes to start packing up my worldly goods (because I have to move out pretty darn early) I can’t remember if I said but I have signed for my studio next year (a tad pricey) but modern and cute and will fit my colour scheme beautifully!

I should stop rambling and finish these minutes…

Until next time

Love & Hugs C xxx


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