My 21st year of life has taught me a lot…

One wise lady that Taylor!

I feel like I now qualify for this kind of post. I have been twenty one for roughly four and a bit months. So what has the glorious two-one bought me you ask? Quite a lot. I have changed a lot in a year…

  • My stamina for nights out has taken a turn for the worse… I mean on one hand I could have bloodied feet through forcing myself to dance the night away in ridiculous shoes, freezing my boobs off in that tiny dress and could be queueing for disgusting toilets which NEVER have soap… let alone toilet roll!… OR I could curl up in my bed with my laptop, a brew, a colouring book and crappy tv! It’s a hard choice isn’t it!
  • I realised that the guy that I fell madly and deeply in love with on a cruise Β was merely a school girl crush and it was never real actual l.o.v.e… Vishal was a waiter on a cruise ship who cracked open my lobster and made my childish heart flutter. I’m sure we’ve all had these moments, right? Please humour me!!! Β Will was there when I turned 21, he’s the one that knows how to give blooming amazing neck and head massages and can appreciate my sass! Β All things good come to those who wait and don’t run off with a waiter on a cruise ship aged 16!
  • Cravings are real. Y’know sometimes you are going to just want that honey yogurt with granola and mars milkshake along with mango all at the same glorious time. It’s ok. It happens to the best of us. Oh and don’t forget the cheese.
  • Alcohol can help. When I’m stressed, wound up, being a diva, crying on someones shoulder (you get the picture) WINE IS FRIEND… say it with me! Wine is friend! Life can be traumatic (Such as driving a car or getting on a train) sometimes you need some of that grapey stuff, it’s ok!
  • Stuff gets REAAAAL! Like life is really happening, you are midway/finished your education, now it’s time to like y’know start thinking about scary things like jobs, rentals, ISA’S and so forth… I think that is a perfect legitimate excuse to need alcohol. Who wants to be an adult, like hell no. It’s scary and daunting.
  • Nights in with your bf/gf, husband/wife etc are cool! I mean what is better than pjs, rom-com, chips & dips and olives?!? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
  • You might just get a little soppy in your old age of twenty-one, you might well up at shows you never expected to cry at, you might find yourself nearly in tears over absolutely nothing. It’s ok, somedays a girl just feels like scoffing her face with all the food and sobbing.
  • Pet names are ok (if used behind closed doors)
  • Hormones aka the blind folded roller coaster ride of your life- peaks and dips (you never know what’s coming up next…)
  • It is perfectly acceptable to get excited over food shopping, food is one of my big loves in life, so why the heck can I not get over excited about toffee apple squash and dairy lea bacon dunkers (yes it’s a thing you heard me correct!) thank goodness Asda didn’t sub on them!
  • My 21st year of life lead me to the discovery of the BANANA & CHICKEN CURRY which is life (thanks Radhuni’s for always providing top notch narna curries! It’s called Kashmir (its fruity and delish)
  • Colouring is a fabulous way to have well needed me time, it also passes a LOT of time!
  • Sporcle is love. Sporcle is life. You will sit there on it for hours frantically typing to only realise that you are diabolical at spelling and not that fast on the keys ho-hum!
  • It’s the little things that count, you don’t need big fancy pants things to make you calm and happy! A little head massage and neck rub (maybe I’m an actual cat) does the trick every time. I’m really not that high maintenance see!!!

So my darlings, there’s few nuggets of wisdom from twenty one year old me! Y’know people say your 20’s are just downhill from there onwards… don’t listen to them! I was shown a blooming marvellous video of an 81 year old woman playing knock and run! Never too old to have fun

Love C xxx


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