Welcome to the real world honey!

Evening… lets pretend its not morning shall we? I have been sat here for the last couple of hours frantically emailing law firms for work experience, attaching my legal CV, making sure it is as top notch as possible, trying to sell myself but ultimately failing so hey what a fun filled day! This evening I also for some unknown reason decided to take both the basic Westlaw certificate in legal research as well as the advanced certificate! So yes, I now have an advanced certificate in UK Westlaw and my certificates are winging their way to me as I speak (well 6 weeks…) I also got to update my Linkedin account which was of course thrilling *LOOK AT ME, LOOK WHAT YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON* (please note that my darlings was sarcasm)

I was having a bit of a life moment. Y’know one of those what am I doing with my life, what will I do with this degree, was it even worth it, no one in a million years is going to employ me with that CV… we’ve all been there (maybe)



I would just like to clarify that I by no means have been lulled into an illusion that experience and things that make me desirable as a prospective employee will fall straight into my hands *if only* I mean it would be flipping amazing for a vacation scheme to fall straight out of the sky and to land right in front of me but I’d be one fool to think that would ever happen.

Nothing comes without a whole lot of determination, pushing, blood, sweat and in my case a lot of tears!

You are not the only one struggling to find experience, you won’t get any experience unless you actually apply, who cares if you get rejected… try, try and guess what! TRY AGAIN.

You know what you need to do. Up that commercial awareness & go to every blooming event possible and keep emailing and enclosing that CV because if you never try you’ll never know (what a tune)

So this is to any law students out there who are feeling overwhelmed and disheartened… we are all in the same boat. We are all in the same rat race. We are all wanting each others experiences and networking opportunities, we all want to slip in somewhere through the back door, we are all trying to stand out like a needle in a haystack, we are all competing.

My one piece of advice is to not get lazy, you need to be proactive, you need to work from the very bottom before you get anywhere in this life. So far I’m on a waiting list for a criminal law talk, I joined the commercial awareness society and am now qualified in using legal databases… not too bad for one night!


The party, drink as many drinks as possible and act like a fool has clearly been replaced (probably for the best when I think about it)

To any fellow law students out there please tell me I’m not alone!!!


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