Life is just a series of moments

It’s all about the memories. Y’know the ones where you are wearing silly hats and have cream moustaches and vaguely resemble Father Christmas himself, the ones where you spend the least amount of money but treasure for a life time. I found a quote from a film which continually challenges me to treasure every single little moment.


Our lives are a continuos series of moments, some are good others are not as good but they are all still moments. They start from the very minute you enter this world (you might not recall these moments but others will!) Some of the moments you recall are incredibly cheesy and probably a tad silly. One of my moments was sat in a restaurant with my Gran who was drinking a baileys covered in cream and she got it everywhere. I mean absolutely everywhere, she resembled Father Christmas. One of many moments. Hiding pegs in her garden and insisting that everyone looks for them was another. Playing with my Mum’s and Auntie’s barbie dolls in their large shed which was more like a huge play room is just yet another. I will always have these moments. I will have moments that are painful like death and disease, I will have moments of pure excitement and zest for life, I will have moments that I wish I could frame or play on repeat.

Nothing will ever take these moments away.

It’s all about treasuring these moments, it’s about not taking any moments for granted because ultimately every single moment is leading to the final moment. We have all had a lot of moments whether that’s achievement, love, loss and everything in between. It’s too easy to be bitter about these moments coming to an abrupt end but that is life. Be grateful for every single moment spent with those who mean the most, never leave on a bad note, rest safely in the knowledge that love is in abundance and that you are loved and appreciated and that those individuals also have hundreds of wonderful memories that will flash by in the lead up to that final moment.

Take hundreds of photographs, take silly faced selfies, document special days and special time spent together. Treasure every single little millisecond because one day it will all be gone and all that will be left are memories of these glorious moments and time spent together.

I have had some wonderful moments throughout my life time, there are still plenty more to come…



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