‘On Wednesdays we wear pink’

Of course when a girl gets a new handbag its a perfect excuse for a ‘what have I got in my handbag’ blog post… I don’t know what’s so fascinating about these type of blogs posts or videos on youtube but I guess I’m curious and want to see what my bag might be missing out on!

I bought this bag from Selfridges online in a bit of whim, I was originally going to go for the normal trusty Longchamp le pliage style which I already own the medium size in grey with tan leather. I was talking to my Mum and was saying how I really wanted to get a more summery bag (her response was well if that’s that case you can rehouse some of your others to a good home… i.e. give them to her (which is a pretty excellent idea!)

I was originally looking at darker colours because I was thinking anything too bright will be difficult to match with outfits… then I remembered that I am the girl with ALL the colours under the sun and even some cute wintery outfits of mine will match this little beauty. Also I spend a lot of time travelling back and forth and these are the most ideal bags to travel with because they are incredibly light, durable and versatile! Although the one I purchased does not fold, the normal style Le Pliages can fold up and be stored incredibly easy.

Now, I know these bags are a tad like marmite, some love them, others despise them

and there appears to be no middle ground but for a law student who carried an awful lot around on a daily basis, and for someone for doesn’t travel light and requires a fair amount… these bags are ideal!


It arrived in a fairly large Selfridges box and was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and looked of course all very snug and lovely but the moment was short lived as I ripped into the tissue paper to admire the new purchase. I went for the Longchamp Modele Depose which is similar to Planetes if any one is familiar with that style! The material is considerably thicker and of a much better quality and the bag can actually holds it’s shape without needing to be stuffed! The leather clasp is in the same colour as the body and so are the leather handles. The zip on the model also appears more sturdy and is more prominent. The hardware is in a silver tone in comparison to my grey Le Pliage bag which has gold hardware.

Silver hardware with the familiar logo embossed onto it.
The long leather handles and the clasp of the bag are both made from the same type of leather and are both the exact the colour.


The zip toggle is also in silver and the actual zip on the bag itself is also in the matching colour to the rest of the bag. The trimmings are also made from pink leather.

I will admit that it’s not exactly the cheapest bag out there that you could buy… but I’ve had such a great experience with my thinner grey le pliage that I am expecting good things from this little one! Β It is the perfect size to fit all my every day essentials!


It even fits in a cushion for my driving lesson tomorrow morning!


It is pretty and spacious… I look forward to our adventures together!

Are you a fan of Longchamp or are you hating on the worlds tote bag obsession?

Until next time

Love C xxx


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