Pizza and wine? All shall be fine!

Sometimes in life all we need is some carby goodness and an alcoholic beverage. After a pretty hectic emotional rollercoaster of a week, dinner with wine and friends was well needed. Pizza helps in all kind of situations, so does wine and lets not forget about courgette frites either… it all helps.

Some may say you cannot buy happiness but you can buy wine (even though in my opinion it isn’t quite the same thing…)


Life isn’t always peachy and plain sailing. Expect quite a lot of knocks along the way!

We went to the Craft and Dough in Sheffield and obviously went for a student friendly offer which was two pizzas of your choice with a bottle of wine for Β£20! So we did two of the offers and each got our own pizza! I went for one with parmesan, mozzarella, artichokes and salami! It was very yummy and we also ordered some courgette frites on the side! The details were very cute such as a tea light in a tea cup and steel cups for the water and napkins made out of recycled material! The wine glasses were also sizeable which is never a bad thing! They had a variety of pizza’s and also catered for vegetarian pizza eaters! It was a lovely meal.


This was my bad boy of a pizza. It was so fresh and incredibly tasty (and I ate it all… well we all ate the whole of our pizza’s!)


I prefer a meal and wine any day over an actual night out these days!

Until next time

C xxx


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