It’s February… we all know what that means.

It is the 12th February, we all know what that means.


Queue the superficial instagram posts, queue the facebook statuses and queue the last minute rush to buy gifts and cards… you get the point.

It lost its sincerity a long time ago. It’s another superficial day, another way to make sales boom and make the most out of advertisement.

Why is it acceptable to only show someone that you care and that you love them one day a year (if V day is the day you anticipate and wait to show just how much you care about those you love…Β you my friend, in my opinion are going extremely wrong.

It’s not about presents, it’s not about making lavish plans. There a lot of theories about the origins of Valentines day…

Some stem from a saint, others stem from religion and others from folk law. It is of course now a well known day which is marked in calendars just like Shrove Tuesday!


Love is what keeps people going, love is what makes people thrive and prosper, without some sort of love in our lives I think we would be extremely alone and lost. Love for our family, love for our pets, our partners, our hobbies, our dream and desires- we need love in order for it all to work!

A hug and words of love are big thing, they are better than any present or gift.

They are in a whole league of their own.

A hug can fix a lot of things.

A loving message of encouragement can help heal hurting hearts.

Memories made with those we love will never die.

Love shouldn’t be isolated merely to valentines day.

Love should be a continuos thing.

So dish out those hugs and loving words because those things are priceless. A price can never be put on love.



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