Everything happens for a reason


I am a believer in the statement ‘everything happens for a reason’

A lot of the times we can all feel quite lost in this journey of life, we can all feel like nothing is going to plan and it is all to easy to feel disheartened.

Sometimes it is in these dark and lonely moments that we find strength. I lost myself, I lost what I stood for and I lost my confidence and belief.

I was a completely different person last year.

I had in hindsight lost sight of what life was meant to be about. It’s all to easy to fool yourself into believing that you are happy, it’s all to easy to pretend to be someone that you are not.

It is however incredibly difficult to admit this.

We all make mistakes, we all cope and resort to unhealthy strategies, we all screw up and wish that we could turn back time. I was at times incredibly unhappy and I was never satisfied. I just could not give myself a break so to speak, so I did things that I regret.

Looking back this was all a huge learning experience

I have learnt from that.

I like to think it helped change me for the better!

Like I said it is in these moments that you see what life is truly about.

You have the opportunity to re-evaluate what is important. You have the opportunity to stop being selfish and you recognise just how much you have to be thankful for.

In these moments you start to see that darkness lift, the ice thaw and you truly appreciate just how wonderful your life is.

You learn to start treasuring every single moment, you learn that life is a gift, you learn that time is precious and you learn how not to waste every millisecond that you have here on earth.

Through the darkness you learn how to truly love, to truly embrace every single challenge that comes your way and your cold heart learns how to feel.

Life is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Rebuilding your life takes time, it takes commitment and it takes a lot of changes.

Everything happens for a reason

You have time to change it.

Life is first about learning to love yourself before you can progress to learning to love others.

This is why I truly believe that love is all anyone canΒ ever need.

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