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Peak district guide (kind of)

Afternoon little webbers,

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I feel like the Peak District holds a significant place in my heart, maybe because it is literally on my door step or perhaps it’s because of the copious dreamy adventures I have had exploring this wonderful beauty with either my parents or with Will! I know a lot of people who adore the peaks are avid hikers and take it extremely seriously (I’m only jealous because I sadly do not have their stamina (or feet which can hack such long beautiful treks!)

However I have been to a fair few quaint and gorgeous little towns and villages in the peaks and we have been on a fair few walks (albeit not exactly a hike however) and sampled quite a lot of cuisine and alcoholic beverages…

It’s now February, and a few days back me and Will decided that we seriously needed to up our walking. During the summer months we geocached and explored (which also is a pretty good way of getting some exercise into your daily routine). This may sound like a bit of a lame excuse but we are waiting for it to get a little less cold before starting our hobby again (I know we just aren’t hardcore cachers *sigh*)

The Peaks are just absolutely beautiful and Will even got me to camp in a two man tent (without many luxuries and we had to change via torch light from our phone) but it was all an adventure and something which I look back on with fond memories

Anyway enough babble, here is a guide for beginners/not quite beginners of the Peak District!


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I first stumbled across this gorgeous town in the heart of the Peaks with my parents back in September 2014! I had just made the move from Guernsey to the UK and was settling into my student life in Sheffield! My Mum absolutely loves the countryside, she loves quaint little places which are full of character and history and prior to moving she had already spied Bakewell on the map and was adamant we were going to go there (maybe she had read about the delectable Bakewell Tart… who can blame her) It’s always pretty busy with tourists and the local tart is clearly a huge selling point! There are so many pretty gardens and a gorgeous lake with benches which makes an ideal place to take a picnic or stop for a drink! There are loads of cute pubs selling hearty food and car parks in which to park!





I tried my first Bakewell Tart in September 2014 (and up to date I have had three in total) It would have been four but when me and Will visited Bakewell last summer they has completely sold out (we were devastated!) I returned to Bakewell in July 2015 for a spot of geocaching with Will! I unfortunately didn’t take many photographs but we wandered around by the lake and found about 4 or 5 caches within the town itself! So for any geocachers out there that also appreciate a sweet treat this place should definitely be on your list!

Local Attractions


For anyone who is an avid fan of costume drama… the Peaks are the place to be! They are home to Chatsworth House which has featured in many dramas over the years one very famous one being Pride and Prejudice! My mum was ecstatic to discover that is was so incredibly close to where I live! The picture really does not do this estate justice!



Another place to visit is Lyme Park in Cheshire. It is managed by the National Trust and is a beautiful estate set in hundreds of acres and it really quite beautiful! There are lots of photo opportunities and it really is magnificent and well worth a visit!

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 19.10.15.png

Me and Will, like I said earlier actually camped in Hayfield last July! We were totally unprepared, ended up spending most of the evening in a pub called the Sportsman (we actually got involved in a lock-in which was quite an honour to say we were not locals! We pitched up at the Hayfield Camping and Caravanning Club Site! It was a really nice campsite (I never thought I’d say that after my years of experience of bad camping!) It’s been rated as a 5 star site! So I’d highly recommend it!

There are a lot of beautiful walks nearby and me and Will sort of went on one as we hunted for caches! The view from the top was stunning (but wear sensible shoes, don’t do a me…)


I also want to highly recommend a gorgeous little cafe called Millie’s Tea Room and Chocolatier (which sold gorgeous coffee and cake and of course chocolate! You could sample their chocolate with the free one that came on the side! So yes- if you require chocolate and coffee in Hayfield you now know where to head!


For fellow geocachers – there are quite a lot of caches hidden all over and some involve an hour or so of walking but there are others which are pretty easy to find!


There is quite a cute little shopping village in Rowsley called the Peak Shopping Village (I won’t lie it isn’t huge and it’s fairly pricey BUT I picked up my picnic rug from there! They also have a really nice sweet shop which sells old fashioned sweets! If I remember correctly there is a craft centre fairly near by with a few other little attractions dotted around the vicinity.



Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 19.37.57.png

We first discovered Hartington on my twenty first birthday weekend adventures! It is fairly small, incredibly sweet and quaint and was a real find! I think the biggest perk was the cheese shop which sold a HUGE array of cheeses! For cheese lovers like ourselves it was definitely worth a visit for the mustard cheese we purchased for our car picnic! There were a number of pubs and b&bs with lots of walks near by! There was a very quaint little pond with benches surrounding it and the village shop had adorable bunting and vintage decor!





If you ever get the chance to stop then make sure you do! This is apparently a very nice place to stop for a picnic (sadly the weather prevented us from doing this!)

Now I am well aware there are other gorgeous places in the Peaks so I’m asking you where if your favourite place in the Peaks, and which places should I add to my list?

So where should I go next? Please leave suggestions

Love & Hugs

C xxx


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