Birthdays, they hold a fair amount of importance, but as I’m told the older you get the less people care unless it is a special one! If that is the case then people tend to go all out to celebrate!

My sister would be turning the big 1-8 this year, she would have been excited about being able to drink alcohol legally, she would have potentially had the joys of going out to town *note sarcasm* and either being preyed on by older men in Follies or absolutely rocking it out in Barbs! She might have been able to drive (unlike me) she might have had a boyfriend, she might have decided what career she was going to have, she might have got her life a heck of a lot more sorted than me! Then again she too might have fallen into a bush with a blow up air guitar after drinking ‘J20’…

It’s weird thinking about the what ifs. I did a typical me thing which is to turn on a thought provoking and tear jerking documentary on BBC which was called ‘before I kick the bucket’ and guess what? It made me think.

I am the lucky bugger who got to see her 18th Birthday as well as her twenty-first and if all goes to plan hopefully my 30th and 40th too!

I am the one who Β chose her career path, I am the one who got it all!

I love to be challenged, I love it when something makes me re-evaluate all I am and stand for. This woman wanted to reach her 40th Birthday, she had SUCH a zest for life, full of fun and laughter and optimism even though she knew the end was inevitable. It got me thinking maybe I too should make a bucket list, maybe I should I have more zest for this crazy adventure that we are all on! Things like that just make you stop and think.

I think my twenty one years of life have been pretty darn amazing!

I mean there are far too many wonderful memories and things that have happened for me to pinpoint!

I stand by my vow that I aim to make my life as wonderful and dreamy as can be! I stand by my word not to take anything or anyone I have for granted and I promise mostly to myself to be appreciative of others and to be appreciative to myself! I have not done too badly up to this point. I am a thriving, happy and extremely grateful twenty one year old who looks back on everything, even the crappy things as an experience. Those things are still a part of my life, they still help make me who I am to this very day and for as long as I am alive and kicking I will never take a millisecond for granted. Life is incredibly unpredictable and will not wait for anyone. I seriously urge you to stop and think, think about your personal accomplishments, think about how many people love and appreciate you, think about the fact that you my friend are alive and kicking, you got time when a lot of others are on borrowed time. So here is my metaphorical cheers to this wonderful life of mine. I’m even feeling bloody grateful for the fact I have to get behind the wheel of a moving vehicle tomorrow!!!

Up to now I have seen and done some incredibly things and I have met people who will always hold a place in my heart. I have learnt how to love myself and how to love others, I have learnt the greatest gift of all – gratefulness. I have *fingers crossed because hey we never know* lots of time to do and see a lot of great things in my life. I am only starting out! Maybe I should at the very least pinpoint a few things I want to achieve in my lifetime and in a couple of years time I can stumble back across this post and hopefully be able to tick off some of these things!

  • I mean I would love to get a job as a solicitor.
  • I would love to settle down and have a house.
  • I would love to visit Cambodia and Vietnam.
  • I want to feel the adrenaline of riding in a Tuk-Tuk.
  • I want to do something for a charity which is close to my heart.
  • I want to spend a dreamy Christmas abroad lying on a beach with a cocktail or 10…
  • I want to be able to drive a manual car!
  • I want to graduate with a good degree
  • I want to get a dog (whether that will happen is up to debate)
  • I want to one day have my own children and be just as wonderful as my Mum!

I think those are a good place to start.

So I have a few to start with (not many are going to be completed within the foreseeable future however!

So here is to life, and here is to my darling sister who didn’t get the luxury of dreaming up a bucket list and kicked the bucket way too soon. Embrace it all ❀


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