Now I have loved dungarees and pinafore dresses since I was teeny tiny! Now I’m a 21 year old who likes to revert back to clothes she would have worn as a child…

Dungarees. Yes probably a bit like Marmite but as I was strolling along a road which is known for shops which always make me buckle and buy it was pretty darn inevitable thing that one day (sooner rather than later in my case) I would find myself pushing open those doors, spying them and buying them (I was only meant to go to Tesco’s to buy milk…)

I now own dungarees and I am planning all the wonderful adventures that I am going to have in these beauties! Imagine geocaching *insert heart eye emoji!*

I shan’t lie to you all, I had spied these beauties on the website but thought I really am not going to pull them off so I stopped looking and carried on with every day life. I knew I would have to pass Fat-Face on my way to Tesco’s but didn’t account for the fact I would find them in the right size, the shop was completely empty (fat face is NOT a student shop sighhh) and that I would try them on, fall slightly in love, ask if they did student discount and buy them in a split second… I should have known!

So of course as soon as I got in I started planning what I has could wear with them, what accessories went best and so forth! I wish I could take fancy blog post pictures for OOTD’S but I’m a pretty skint student who barely has time to paint her nails… *I shall paint them today* so here is my new dungareeย bestie!


Changing room photo- the moment I knew there was NO going back…


They are such good quality, are incredibly comfortable and tapered in the leg and pretty darn flattering for something that is often not regarded as flattering in the slightest! I admit that they are probably not for everyone and like I said are probably a tad on the side of marmite but they will definitely be well loved and worn on adventures because 1. they are so comfy, 2. they are a little out there and 3. I feel about 4 in them! What is not to love hey!!!



I paired them with a ribbed polo neck in cream from Newlook, my leather Chelsea boots from Whitestuff and my scark which is beige and cream with white stars is also from Fat Face just like the dungarees! I thought a plum lip would be a good call seeing as it’s pretty nippy out there!

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more!

Love C xxx

Let me know whether you are considering dungarees!


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