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A year ago today!

Exactly a year ago today I was living in student halls and my parents had just flown into Manchester airport and were making their way to see me! We were reunited and of course it meant lots of yummy food and shopping! I’m incredibly close with my parents and Facebook likes to remind you about what you were doing exactly a year ago!


I had super long hair in comparison to now… If I remember correctly I think I was wearing a black playsuit with my brown leather riding boots and my tweed purple coat from Whitestuff!

My parents had chosen a hotel which was literally just across the road from where I used to live! Super convenient and seeing as they’d flown it was easy for me to get to and vice versa! They met me at my student halls and then it was off to Meadowhall for yummy food and shopping!


One of our favourite haunts…



We obviously went for hot drinks (because let’s face it February is chilly!)

We ate at the hotel restaurant most nights (food is love after-all!)



I really am incredibly lucky to have such wonderful parents!


The view from their hotel overlooking the bustling city of Sheffield!


Oh of course their trip resulted in the purchase of a new coat…

Talking about visits… My wonderful parents are visiting on the 1st March for a few days which is VERY exciting and I cannot wait to see them and receive lots of cuddles and TLC in abundance! Another beautiful memory that will never fade

Love C xx



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