Cath Kidston February Wishlist!


I love Cath Kidston, in actual fact those close to me will know I already own ‘quite’ a lot from there… maybe that is an understatement!

So without further a do I shall work my way through my dreamy list of items that I really really want to own (but probably won’t because let’s face it CK isn’t that cheap for a student…

1. SAUSAGE DOG oven gloves! I have a rather large obsession with sausage dogs, in fact I would love to have my very own sausie dog and make it wear the most adorable dog coats ever (and I could finally buy something in the pet section from Harrods! Imagine!

2. Next up is this adorable little summer dress in a rather lovely bird pattern in blue and white! With a tan and cute little sandals this would be a rather delightful little outfit to wear in the summer months!

3. CLOUDS, oh my gosh I like the CK cloud print! In actual fact I own the Gola collaboration trainers which were launched last year by CK! They are so darn bright and funky and just garish and completely in your face (exactly what I like!) So when I saw that they have a coffee cup in this bright beautiful pattern I was quite literally NEEDING that in my life!


4. I spied this Breton striped top and thought hello… wouldn’t you look rather adorable under my latest purchase (dungarees) Β and it has adorable flower trimmings which just totally screams me! PLEASE GET IN MY WARDROBE… sigh!

5. Vibrant cute floral trainers that will not only look cute but also be comfy (what’s not to love I ask you?) I love the colours, yellow, reds, blues and greens and would look rather delightful on tanned feet during those summer months!

6. A seahorse bathmat? why ever not! Well I am taking the leap and moving out on my lonesome next year to a rather delightful studio in the city centre and my rather swish and swanky bathroom needs a bit of a ‘Char makeover’ because it lacks colour and pattern… which will just not do!

7. Weighing scales in a mint green with floral details? HELLO I need you for all those cakes I’m going to bake *note sarcasm* but for like grown up me in the future these will be incredible and will look SO cute in a kitchen *a girl can only dream*

8. Another top, but its polka dots and it’s blue and will most definitely look AMAZING under my dugarees! I know I can’t stop myself mentioning those denim things but I lovee them…

9. Finally but definitely NOT least! Yes, you guessed it… another sausie dog themed item! I love tea, hot chocolate and coffee and this mug just NEEDS to join my already quite large CK collection of mugs… because let’s face it… they are the BEST mugs!

So my little muchkins that is it for this wish list


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