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Be perseverant!

If life has taught me anything so far in my twenty one years on this earth, then it is this…

Be perseverant!

The unfortunate thing is that nothing is handed to us on a plate, we have to work for what we have, we have to actively seek experiences and jump at every single opportunity that we can take. As you may be aware, the path that I decided to embark on requires a fair amount of persistence. I’ve been bought up with the motto ‘if you persevere you shall get there eventually’ engraved into my very being.


At every different stage in my life when something challenging has come my way, perseverance has seen me through!

So when I embarked on the perilous journey of being a law undergraduate 1 and a half years ago little did I know that a few months down the line perseverance would have got me into the position I am in today.

I’m one of those people who lack a little self belief, even though my fellow counterparts are either on par with me or slightly below par I never truly believe that I could get anything as wonderful and professional as they could. So maybe I simultaneously set myself up for failure without fulling acknowledging the matter?

One of my mothers favourite sayings is ‘if you never try you’ll never know? So what’s the harm in trying’ I think she has got use to her daughter frantically face timing her and declaring that I am  useless and unemployable and will never get anywhere in my chosen profession (that woman deserves a medal for the amount of times I’ve said that to her sprawled on my bed with mascara stained cheeks).


The point is if I never spent those hours emailing firms, spicing up my CV with relevant degree based things and undertaking legal research certificates then maybe I wouldn’t be such a happy little lady like I am today *I’m deciding to ignore the fact I feel horrendous and literally collapsed into bed to wake up 4 hours later, 5 minutes before my flatmate got back from sports*

We all know experience in the world of employment is key, so little did I know when I emailed around all my local firms in late November that two would actually get back to me with the offer of placements and vital work experience!

I had fully prepared my back up plan over the last five days…

I would apply for a graduate job in my final year of undergrad studies, I would start earning straight away and the companies I planned to target said that there was ample opportunities to advance to more senior positions. I had it sussed, this was my back up plan. I told Will but he said something that struck me.

‘You should always aim high’ 

Now for those of you who don’t know me, this girl is definitely not a quitter (ok maybe I quit with driving at the ripe old age of 17) but I got back behind the wheel *albeit 4 years later*

So this most definitely struck a cord with me. It’s also an incredibly comforting fact to know that law is one of the most employable degrees so here’s hoping I do not get stuck in a coffee shop after years of reading cases and statute!


In hindsight I could actually make it.

If I push and push, work out where I’m going wrong, work on those little issues, get my head down, choose the right modules that will be suited for me- there is a real possibility that I may possibly make it!

As long as there is a chance that after all these years of slugging over text books and being baffled by EU law and having to contend with complicated policies and statues this girl might one day make it.

So maybe we should all shoot for the stars and start having a little bit more faith in our own abilities. I always get so deep and philosophical around 1am/2am (which is highly problematic because this one has a 9am lecture on Fiscal Barriers to Trade (EU law) sounds riveting I know!


Shoot for those stars

Love C xxx


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