I love the concept of polaroid pictures, in this day and age too many of us have hundreds of photographs saved in various files, some of us might even (shamefully) have several lots of film that are just waiting to be developed.

I’m not even entirely sure if our family holidays photographs have been printed and I mean this is going back a fair few years…

These days instagram is the first port of call for showcasing photographs snapped at various locations

So when I wandered into Jessops back on the beautiful Isle and saw that there was a fujifilm instax sitting on the shelf in the gorgeous blue colour… I just knew what was going to happen. I will admit the film is a little pricy and just for a heads up… I repeat DO NOT take a polaroid camera loaded with film through an airport scanner and then get really cocky about tacking a photo of Stone Henge with a saidย camera- it will not work, you will look really stupid and whoever you are with (in my case boyf) willย take the absolute piss out of your new retro buy!



But when you don’t expose film to a crazy high security scanner it’s pretty darn dandy and you can get some pretty pics (providing you chose the right setting and don’t end up wasting yet more film by going for the wrong mode) Ok it’s a little challenging.

The point is, they are instantly developed, memories are instantly created as photographic proof and you can hang them around your room and make everything look hella cute and personalised!

Despite my several failed attempts I still enjoy the concept and plan to get a heck of a lot better with my little beauty!


Get your polaroid on

C xxx


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