Student food 101: easy egg fried rice!

Hello little webblings!

I have realised that lately my meals have been a tad on the less adventurous side and have mostly consisted of chicken breast, cabbage and mash potato for about the last two months. I had literally no inspiration for the food in my cupboards and freezers and I swear down another plate of chicken and cabbage (because I have now run out of mash potato…) would have probably finished me off!

So what does a girl do in times of trouble? Well she asks her Mumsie what she could make with some boil in the bag pilau rice, yet more chicken breast, mixed frozen veg and a runaway egg that had somehow hopped out of the box and nestled itself at the back of the fridge (FYI it was in date… do not be alarmed!)

So she suggested that I could make some form of egg friend rice and chop the chicken into chunks to make it a tad different! It was surprisingly successful and I think I’ll make it tonight minus the egg so fried rice and chicken with maybe some carrot?

  1. Β Cut up the chicken into pieces instead of chunks, crack the egg into a mug (or bowl because there never appears to be any mugs in this place), if using mixed frozen vegetables separate the peas from the rest of the veg as they cook super quickly! Fill a saucepan with either boiling water or cold water (it’s just going to take longer ofc!) then pop the rice (or bag of rice into the pan) and add the veggies! Let them boil for around 12-15 mins!


2. Whilst the rice is cooking and the veggies in a frying pan start cooking the chicken pieces slowly so that both will be ready within the 15 min period!


3. Once the rice and veg are done, drain the excess water and add to the same pan as the chicken pieces. Stir both together and then form a well in the middle of the pan. In that well add the egg and then quickly mix all the mixture together to achieve evenly spread egg fried rice.


4. Season with pepper and salt and a dash of Soy sauce if you are sophisticated students which own such an item!


5. Then dig in! It’s a fairly healthy meal, it’s so quick and filling which is ideal for students in my opinion! I thought it was fairly tasty! You can add whatever veg you wish (I just chucked it all together basically and hoped for the best… but hey it worked)

Have you got any super easy & cheap student recipes that I should try out?

Until next time


Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 15.04.44


2 thoughts on “Student food 101: easy egg fried rice!

  1. Lucia R February 27, 2016 / 12:00 pm

    Great post! I lovvvvveeeee fried rice<3


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