{1st March to 3rd: Reunited!}

I have been incredibly spoilt this week! My parents made the painfully long journey to see me (9 hr boat journey followed by a 5 hour car journey!) It was so lovely to see them! I had been feeling rather homesick recently and it really did help! I’m incredibly close to my parents and even though it was only a few days it was still lovely!

Day 1:


We headed to TGI’s for our usual tapas style lunch (a bunch of appetisers) which may I add are delicious! Me and Mumsie also started our cocktail lovin’ with a rather delightful Pina Colada!


It was really good! (Shame we weren’t sipping it somewhere that is a little warmer and less dreary!)

We ordered mozzarella dippers, jack daniels shrimp, garlic ciabatta bread with cheese and chicken and ribs.


We then did a fair amount of shopping because let’s face it food and shopping is life and love! Β I managed to buy the majority of my summer wardrobe on the first day which was very good! We also got smoothies and headed back to my parents hotel so they could check in and sort themselves out before we headed back out for dinner at Centertainment!


We of course ordered more cocktails! One was a delicious cream heart bailey martini! It was rather delicious!


Just admiring the martini art πŸ˜‰


Next up was a melon based cocktail which was chosen by my mother but we weren’t quite as keen on this one! I don’t actually think I took photos of the food because my meal really wasn’t that spectacular and clearly wasn’t worth a photo in my opinion!


My Dad actually had a mocktail but he still nevertheless posed with our martini’s!!!

Day 2:

We decided that we would head to the Peaks for a little scenic trip (our plans were ruined by snow however and we decided to just drive to Ashford in the Water instead of stopping and having a little nosey around the area! I have a polaroid of some ducks, a stream and a bridge… I think my Mum may have taken a few more photos of the area!



(Let’s pretend I have lots of cute photos of the chocolate box village to add in here shall we instead of a blurry photo of ‘snow’ trees and sheep!

My Mum was really fancying a pub lunch and we decided to look out for pubs on our way back! We found one in Froggat which turned out to be closed so we carried on driving to find another one which was in the middle of nowhere (it was also closed…). By now we were feeling fairly unhopeful about finding a lovely country pub with a roaring fire but just as we thought all chances had been dashed we stumbled across this lovely pub with a roaring fire and hearty homemade food!


The fire was very much needed because I stupidly decided to wear the thinnest outfit ever and loafers which meant my feet were open to the elements! We were just so excited to sit by a big beautiful fire!

Imagine a delightful gammon steak, fried egg, peas, chips and a wedge of pineapple (if you cannot guess… that is what I ate!)

We then headed back to Meadowhall to find some more clothes (work clothes and other general clothes) we got another smoothie and then we went back to Centertainment for dinner! I had a pizza because I LOVE pizza and I had several cups of tea because it was freezing cold!

Day 3: Final day

My parents came to my flat rather early to empty it of it’s contents! My room now looks very spacious and much bigger than it did before! We then went back to my parents hotel so they could check out and we walked to my studio (where I will be living from September) to scope out the area! We popped into Cafe Nero for a spot of lunch and a lovely hot chocolate with whipped cream before finally popping into Primark to pick up a few essential items like tights and a denim pinafore dress πŸ˜‰ They then took me to Waitrose to do a food shop for the next two weeks before easter and then we went back to my flat to pack things away! For dinner we once again headed back to Centertainment for a mexican meal at chiquitos and we had our final cocktail of the week!


Two strawberry daiqs and a mocktail for my dad!

Me and my Mum shared nachos with chorizo and cranberry salsa and my Dad had chicken wings! For my main I had steak and skin on fries with peppercorn sauce, Mum had fajitas and Dad has tacos! They had to leave that night to drive back down to Portsmouth for their boat in the morning!


It was so incredibly lovely to see them and I really enjoyed our time together! I will be back home two weeks today and will once again be reunited with them!

I had such a lovely time!


Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 15.04.44





2 thoughts on “{1st March to 3rd: Reunited!}

  1. Jonathan March 4, 2016 / 8:25 pm

    It’s great to see your parents, isn’t it. I don’t get to see mine nearly enough – when I went down at half-term, it was the first time in two years…


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