{Mothering Sunday}

In the UK today is Mothers Day! It’s a day where people post photos on all forms of social media of them and their mum, god mothers and grannies!


For some it’s bitter sweet, not everyone is lucky enough to still have their Mum, for some its an extremely difficult and challenging day! I am one of the lucky ones! My wonderful Mum is still here (even if there is several hundreds miles of land and several hundred miles of sea between us she is still here!) I am a very lucky lady because my parents visited me very recently and we had an amazing time! My Mum is honestly my very best friend, my biggest supporter and cheerleader all rolled into one! She is the one who continues to inspire me, encourage me and she never ever doubts me. She is one of a kind, we can have banter, we can have fun doing every day mundane things and I owe her an awful lot. This woman has been through so much and has come out the other side. Life hasn’t been easy for her and I can only admire how brave and resilient she truly is.I cannot imagine my life without


this remarkable woman and every minute spent with her is a minute I will always treasure. My sweet darling Mum has a heart of gold, she is so kind and loving and would do anything for anyone. I am so incredibly lucky to be her daughter. She puts up with my melt downs where I’m lying on my bed with mascara stained cheeks over facetime, she proof reads copious amounts of documents (which are nothing more than legal jargon to her), she sends care packages which never cease to cheer me up… She is one of a kind.

Now maybe Im bias?

But. It is all true, those who come into contact with her can’t help but fall in love with her sweetness and gentleness. I love that we can joke together and that we are so incredibly close. I will forever be grateful for everything she has ever done for me and continues to do for me! I love this woman with all of my heart and I feel it is only fitting to write a tribute which will never be as worthy as her.

So here is to my wonderful Mum and my only true best friend.

I love you an incredible amount.



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