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Meaningful Monday

I jumped on the express train of ‘Meaningful Monday’ a couple of months back but I must have got off at the wrong stop because my whole making a Monday meaningful and not mundane… clearly came to a halt along the way… So you guessed it! It’s time to hop back on board in a bid to make Mondays that little bit more bearable!


I thought I’d start at the very beginning.

What is life without meaning?

Me, being the dictionary lover that I am of course looked up the meaning of… meaningful…

and I came up with this ‘if you describe something as meaningful, you mean that it is serious, important or useful in some way’ 

A life without meaning.

“For man to be able to live he must either not see the infinite, or have such an explanation of the meaning of life as will connect the finite with the infinite.”

Our lives should not be without meaning. We all probably have our own definition of the meaning of life. If you have followed me for a little while you may be aware that my meaning of life is about making dreamy memories and making every millisecond that I have count. To me that is my meaning of life. To others it probably varies. In my opinion life is incredibly short and it is precious and there just isn’t time to waste! It’s a whirlwind of memories, emotions, feelings, accomplishments and set backs. If your life has no meaning then I challenge you to change this.

Whatever it takes, whether you need to change your perspective on things, whether you need to stop striving for the impossible… whatever it may be that is holding you back let it go.


We all have a meaning and we all have a purpose, use your life for that very meaning! For me I accomplish my meaning of life through every happy memory whether that be through polaroid, letters, cards and messages. For every moment that I am truly happy and contented with my life this rollercoaster of a journey continues to have meaning. For every little accomplishment and set back my life has meaning.

If life was meaningless it would be: pointless, empty and purposeless

BUT life isn't meaningless!
Life is full of meaning! 

Just because it’s a Monday (the start of a long arduous week, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t lack meaning (note to self…please remember this throughout the day)

Monday is a fresh start, 7 days of your life lie ahead! So why on why make any day meaningless!

Today is a Monday! Embrace it, make it meaningful, make it count because it’s another 24 glorious hours that we are fortunate enough to have!

Fancy jumping on the ‘Meaningful Monday’ express with me?

Have a fabulous Monday my little webblings and have a wonderful and meaningful week!

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