{Letter writing! Keeping in touch}

Lets keep in touch! 

I’ve probably vowed to keep in touch with many people over the years, I think if I remember correctly I sent one letter to Juliette and Stephanie who were my french exchange students in my final year of junior school… oh how the time flies!


One of my bestest wine drinking and early three course dinner partners in crime has booked a one way ticket to Aus! So that means our little wine, brie and some form of main/ a pudding is too cheeky isn’t it evenings will unfortunately come to a halt for a little while! You never know where she’s going to be from one minute to the next BUT we made a pact to keep in touch via… you guessed it!

Letter writing! 

I mean we shall see how it goes but I’m actually quite excited about sending cute cards and post-its with life updates on and vice versa! I mean it will be pretty exciting to receive mail from the other side of the world from one of my bestest pals!


I’m a girl who has quite a lot of cute stationary items such as post in notes and an abundance of CK notes that come in three adorable patterns with envelopes! How cute! The fruity post it notes are from Paperchase and are quite adorable in my opinion! I am looking forward to sending cute and dreamy letters to my pal!





I love receiving little hand written letters and notes from my nearest and dearest! As you can see I hang them on my line to add a nice personal touch to my uni room!

I have had a variety of notes on various different pieces of paper…

  • post it notes
  • stencils
  • cute envelopes
  • themed paper
  • special paper saved for special occasions


My Auntie actually bought this paper when I was 5 at Disneyland!

I think it’s incredibly sweet to receive a hand written letter because it feels all that more special than a mere message or email!

So here’s hoping me and my fellow wine drinker who is leaving the very small rock to fly to a blooming massive rock will be able to manage to send at least one letter (I feel like one may potentially be achievable!)

Do you like letter writing? Let me know!

C xxx


2 thoughts on “{Letter writing! Keeping in touch}

  1. saigon3 March 12, 2016 / 1:58 am

    I love to write letters! It’s such a thrill to get postcards and letters. I write to my friends occasionally and I get postcards from my boyfriend whenever he’s travelling somewhere! I have to agree that it’s such a sweet gesture to receive something handwritten. 😀


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