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Counting sheep

It is ten to twelve, I went to bed before 9pm, since that time I have woken up countless times. Why you ask? It is clearly because I have to be awake by 4:00 am latest that my wonderful body decides that sleep is not necessary and that I can somehow fumble through the whole airport journey in a zombie like manner. I would love to know, why it is when you desperately need to get some precious shut eye it’s near on impossible? Why is that every night before I’m due to catch a flight I appear to keep myself awake. I’m going to have to rely on the coffee stuff and sweet stuff such as a stack of pancakes with fruit and yogurt to keep me awake and then here’s hoping the sea breeze on my planned walk will keep me going. 

If I get one coffee at the airport, one on the flight and one after the walk I should in theory make it. 

So as per usual my ‘adventure’ around Manchester Airport terminal one will be in a state of sleep deprivation! But at least I do not have to negotiate with trains and run around aimlessly when my direct train to the airport is diverted and in my zombie like state I manage to run over two peoples feet with my case. That my friends is a perk. 

At least I can gaze out the window, albeit it will probably be dark and that I already know the Snakepass like the back of my hand. 

Here’s hoping the taxi turns up this time and I don’t have to frantically ring every five seconds in a state of panic. 

Here’s hoping it will run smoothly! 

I need to sleep. Wish my luck of my perilous journey back home which is always full of the wrong kind of excitement but is nevertheless quite the airport adventure!

Over and out!


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