Honey’s I’m home!

Happy Sunday afternoon you little munchkins!Β 

You guessed it I am home! I am sprawled out on the sofa, denim pinafore and cable knit tights with striped shirt in action! I am currently in a rather lovely roastie food coma and I am one VERY contented lady!

My journey started at 3:45 am (I beat the alarm by 15 minutes) I got up and did my usual faffing around, making sure I had all the wires I would ever require and trebly checked that I had switched off all the plugs and all the electronic appliances! I did my usual walking around checking my passport and purse for cards and important things, made my bed, locked my door, grabbed my case and headed for the lobby to wait for my rather lovely taxi man!



I had made the decision to travel in glasses because I can never see the number of the check in desk and I have to try and barge pass other passengers who are also looking for their check in desk number! It all went surprisingly to plan! The taxi man arrived at 5 on the dot and we had a rather lovely long chat about everything and anything as we hurtled our ways towards Manchester on the Snakepass!

I got to the airport five minutes before check in was due to open… talk about perfect timing! I dropped my bags off and headed towards security and departures! It was incredibly busy and there was a long line of passengers! It took a long time to get to the actual security desk BUT for the first time in a very long time I didn’t set the machine off! It went incredibly smoothly and I glided my way through security and into departures.



I had only one thing on my mind.


I had already found the place where I wanted to go for breakfast – Giraffe!

So I headed to the far flung corner of terminal 1 and up to the stairs to Giraffe!



I felt like Friday morning was the perfect time for a mini pancake party for one (so you guessed it I got a rather generous stack of pancakes with a side order of bacon (because I just cannot say no and why the heck not!)I had to leave almost two… they got the better of me it seems.



Just look at those bad boys. I asked whether they were meant to be shared and apparently they were not! They were drizzled with blueberry compot and maple syrup and in between there were rather generous slices of banana! The bacon was a really nice added element! To quench one’s airport thirst I thought I’d get my fruit on and went for a mango mumma smoothie which definitely had me saying COME TO MUMMA!



Oh my it was soooooo good! I of course decided to keep the giraffe because it’s cute and I’m a child…

I had about 45 minutes till my gate opened so I did the obligatory pre flight toilet trip and then did that annoying thing where people hover by the screen till there gate opens, yes I am one of those.



Then finally my gate opened and the end was in sight! We boarded the plane on time but arrived a few minutes late due to a plane aborting its take off. Just typical.

Anyway hoo! I made it home!



So my honey’s I am home! It has been a mad couple of days since I landed! So sorry about the delay with this post!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday afternoon!


Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 15.04.44


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