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The big scary world of work!

Hello my little webbers of the sphere!

Tis me! 

It turns out I have some work to do over easter! I contacted firms back last year to see if there was any possibility of a work placement. A few got back to me regarding placements in the summer and I didn’t really think I would be asked to start work during my Easter break…

Anyway I have work! 

I’ve been told numerous time, be prepared to make the coffee and the tea and be ready for a whole load of scanning! It turns out I am to conduct a research project on a privy council case from the 1930’s regarding the German Occupation and theft by locals from ration stores! It is pretty interesting! I am to read the case which will give me a better understanding on how I am to summarise the book which was based on this case! Legal research is of course an incredibly vital skill to have and I somehow manage to combine law and history within this little project! I have to get it finished before I head back to the UK so I’m on a bit of a strict time limit (but I like a challenge so to speak!)

It’s all seems like its been one mad dash since I landed and I haven’t really had the time to just sit back and relax but this is a good taster of what real work in the real world will be like! I had the normal ‘what on earth am I going to wear’ problem which lead to several buys of jackets, pencil skirts and blouses. I then decided to wear a dress which I’ve owned for years on the actual day, typical me. I might not be quite so active on the blogosphere front of things!



I just want to take the opportunity to thank you all for your lovely and supportive comments and just want to say hello to all my new little spiderlings who have recently joined my little web! You are greatly appreciated ❤

I shall be back with a cuter post hopefully pretty soon!

Love & hugs

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 15.04.44


2 thoughts on “The big scary world of work!

  1. Well done on this amazing opportunity! Especially on the fact that you are doing so much more than fetching coffee and photocopying. I hope you have a valuable and enjoyable time ❤


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