A busy old week!

It’s Tuesday.

Where on earth has the time gone! I cannot believe that Easter is nearly over! It will soon be time to knuckle down and crack on with some revision for my summer exams. I am in my second week at the firm and it’s been pretty good! I have read a lot of articles, analysed a lot of documents and been challenged to think about life differently! I’m quite the history lover so imagine combining law and history together and this is basically what my project is about! I’m meant to be writing a thesis based on this local case to the island and it leads one to question morality and what humans can be driven to due to external factors which are outside of their control. In actual fact I think I will be using my own sweet Grannies first hand experience during the war in my project which is quite the privilege!



I’ve been scribbling down various notes to do with those involved in the case and so forth! Now that’s all left to do is to construct my scribbled into a coherent essay! In my opinion life is a continuous learning process! It’s all about learnings from others and learning from our mistakes! I like constructive criticism as it is what makes you improve and push yourself further so to speak! It’s also incredibly rewarding to be working at a place where you want to work! I’ve been trying incredibly hard to get experience for a while now and to be offered a job during my holidays is literally amazing! I think I’ve already said that legal research is a crucial skill for any budding lawyer! The rest of my week is jam packed so to speak! An old friend of mine from Sixth Form wants to meet up for coffee tomorrow, she is actually working at a local firm to and is currently deciding whether to do the LLB or not! Then tomorrow evening I’m meeting up with one of my best chums for an early dinner with a big glass of wine! I’m very much looking forward to a catch up! Thursday night I am meeting up with another friend (god sister… if that’s a thing!) for dinner and drinks and a catch up! Friday night is Indian night with my parents, Saturday will be usual cute antics with Sar, Lou & Seb (it will be the last time I see them till I come home in May!) Β Then Sunday at 8:30 my flights leaves to head back to the UK!

It’s frantic.

So my little webblings I might not manage to post all that often due to the fact I have to do A LOT in an extremely short space of time!


Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 15.04.44


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