Weekend gratitudes!


This weeks gratitudes is going to be a little different! The next few weeks are just jam packed with work and revision so I doubt there will be a whole lot of fantastic and fun things to be thankful for (potentially next week when Will is meant to be visiting) but apart from that I’m afraid it’s going to be a fairly dull time in this little ladies life. BUT one aspect of my life has changed. I have decided to disembark the train of carbs, grease and fat and have decided to board the healthy eating train heading to body greatness and general well being! The thing is I’ve always loved vegetables and my meals are pretty darn healthy when they haven’t been ordered from Radhuni’s or consumed whilst on holiday! So this week I am grateful for the fact that I have access to good and healthy foods unlike a huge proportion of the world who have to go hungry every single day. I have been loving eggs so I’m super grateful to those wonderful laying birds which kindly provide me with my boiled and scrambled eggs! I’m also LOVING fruit and yogurt! Oh and salmon! Yes my life is incredibly dull and food is literally the only exciting part of it. I bet you can’t wait for my posts in the next 4 weeks…


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