Late night musing

My way of dealing with exam pressure? CK, paperchase and sharpies of course!!!

My wall is slowly turning into a maze of post it notes! 

I went to a rather lengthy revision session for EU law which proved to be very beneficial which was a perk. I’ve just been feeling fairly meh today (urban dictionary it if you are not accustomed to the phrase) I just felt really emotional all day and changed my outfit like a million times, y’know one of them kind of days?

So how do I combat this? Throwing on a trusty pair of dungers and stripes and I’m all good to go! Change the bed, hoover, dust, mess around with snapchat filters and make short videos using the angry bunny filter to document how I feel? Yes knew you’d be able to guess!

I thought I’d been particularly sassy but according to Will I’m always a bit of a sasspot. Deep down I think I know.

This legitimately summed me up today. Feeling the need to burst into tears whilst still possessing my sassy/diva nature! Tumblr never fails to provide adequate images that sum me up incredibly well…

In other news… A year today I met Willybum for a drink. I think he said I had vodka lemonade (how original… Sounds like the fresher me) I vaguely remember some JD & coke thrown in somewhere! I wore my super bright pink coat and matching pink suede desert boots (I didn’t scare the boy off)

Heck! Where has a year gone?! It only seems like I started second year but a month today I will be back on my beautiful paradise island!

I’m listening to music in bed (promised Will I was going to sleep… Oops) guess what has just come on shuffle ‘simply having a wonderful Christmas time’… I unfortunately cannot change it whilst blogging #firstworldproblems

I am rather looking forward to seeing the boy. It’s been a little while and I’m in need of cuddles and headrubs (pretty sure I’m meant to be a cat) tickle under the chin and a headrub and I am all yours!

Now my fresher song has come one ‘my head is a jungle’ oh my it brings back quite the memories!

Second year Charlotte has got her sugar honey ice tea together and is hella happier (despite not sounding like I am in this particular post) I really am!

Even if sometimes life here makes me respond like this^^^

I am 100000000000000x happier this year. I am Charlotte! I am being totally myself, I still use the wrong words and say stupid things but I am the real me. The real rainbow wearing, dungaree loving and sasspot that I have always been deep down!

I’m gonna call it a night




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