Food talk

As promised I am back with a post all about… you guessed it… FOOD.

I love food, food is friend. (just not too much or too little)

I made a rather thrilling trip to Marks & Spencers this morning to buy a few little goodies which I was really fancying! I’m trying to be good… myself and discipline are trying to reacquaint ourselves without it getting too messy. We just have such a love hate kind of relationship it seems! Anyway we are being civil to one another and so far it isn’t going too badly!



These are the goodies this little lady picked up! Ive tried to scrap the unhealthy, sugar filled and chocolate filled cereal that I used to shovel into my mouth on a daily basis. I have instead replaced this with a variety of chopped fresh fruit with either a yogurt drink poured over the top or natural yogurt and a squeeze of honey! HONEY IS GOOD! It’s also good in a cup of black tea! As you can see the fruit for this weeks brekkie shall consist of narna’s, strawbs, plums and peaches! Mmmm! Veg wise I played it safe and went for frozen (because I am lazy) I also bought some sweet potatos to either make skin on healthy fries or a cheeky sweet jacket! It will probably come as a shock for you to hear that this time last year those delightful pieces of meat would have been bags of quorn or tofu


Now it’s MEAT. I need meat in my life! I saw the steaks and I caved and I bought them (it was the best decision ever OH MY! Cooked in cheeky low fat butter and topped with bernaise sauce it was just heavenly!



I of course had a side portion of frozen veggies because that is a given! I’d really recommend these pack of two for £8 from M&S super good (especially if eaten medium rare! So so so good! It saddens me to think I would have ruined such a good steak by cooking it to death… Also eggs. I really like eggs a lot!

Eggs with smoked salmon are amazing! (basically eggs royale without the bread element which suits me just fine!) I’ve also been making sugar free jelly for a sweet but not too naughty treat! Orange is my all time flavour (wouldn’t recommend the packs from Aldi a little too bitter for my liking! I’d stick with Hartleys! I swear I must be the only student that makes up jelly for pure eating purposes instead of combining alcohol… Maybe I’m just too old for all of that now.


This is a post merely dedicated to my love of food.

I’ll admit a cheeky brownie and a mochaccino may have been consumed (they were goooood! To good to pause and take a photo clearly!

Food is love. Food is life. I like food and I like life. Simple!

What culinary delights have been taking your fancy this week?


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