Exploring Chatsworth and afternoon tea!



It’s no secret that we like to get out and about and explore new places. Will hadn’t told me where we were going and he just started driving out of Sheffield and towards the Peaks! As we were getting closer he asked me whether I had any inkling on where we were going so I said ‘Chatsworth?’ turns out this little lady was right! We just explored around the general area and wandered around the perimeters of the house (we didn’t have the time to explore the inside of Chatsworth) but it really is a beautiful house set in the most gorgeous country side with rolling hills and beautiful rivers. We finished the afternoon at Edensor Tea cottage each with a naughty slice of caramel and lemon and lime cheesecake accompanied with a hot beverage and we soaked up the suns rays in a rather picturesque garden just outside the tea room! On our adventures we also spied some baby lambs who appeared to be seperated from their mother by a fence which was a little saddening! We also saw the most beautiful Husky dogs ever who were most definitely grabbing all the attention from passersby! We hope to one day go back and explore the rest of the magnificent Chatsworth House.


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