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Two Saturday gratitudes rolled into one!

Two weeks of gratefulness! So what has this little lady been grateful for these past weeks?

For adventures in the beautiful British countryside and for sceneries just like this!
For care packages which have been lovingly sent and contain words of love and encouragement as well as an array of sweet treats!
For the discovery of sweet little tea rooms that are incredibly quaint and are tucked away in the most beautiful of places!
For spying lambs that just reiterate that spring is most definitely here and summer is just around the corner!
For delicious sweet treats enjoyed basking under the suns rays with a scenic view!
For my first Pimms of the season (even if it was super pricey!)
For new satchel loving (picked up at a bargain price from WHS)
For tapas and cocktail goodness which are a guaranteed way to cheer up the worst of moods!
for hilarious face time swaps with Olaf!
For welcome distractions in the midst of revision!
For being cultured and visiting Chatsworth House!
For cute post it notes in a sea of revision!

What have you been grateful for these past weeks? 

Love C xxx


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