Here is a tipsy update written at 1am

Hello dear readers (who I have neglected) much like the shaving of my legs.

I am back at 1am with a real fabby treat *more like drunken spiel… exams are killing me and after spending the wholeeee blooming day revising I felt I was losing the absolute will to live and couldnt even fathom the emeaning of consent. I’m aware this will be littered with typos (thankfully I’m not doing a drafting exercise in the hopes of gaining a lucrative TC! I think cabin fever has set in and maybe I’ll become this wild uncontainable thing or just become increasingly more drained as the days pass by. Anyway lets just say the wine doubled in strength and I am fairly relaxed right now and human rights, Eu and criminal is not at the forefront of my mind. This my dear little friendligns is a musing. A drunken one at that. I’ve jsut been singing my heart out to Wham, Tina Turner, Madonna and the guy that sings karma karma and build me up butter cup baby! It’s been quite the drunken sing along. I posted an instragram earlier saying my life was together because post it notes matched me bed. See exhibit 1 (someone has been doing too much pro bono work lately)



Look at that pastel goodness. If only my lfie was together hey! On other notes Ihave been working myself into a state of deliriousness and decided to sporadicly set up a mock exam at 11pm last night in my kitchen.



My life is all the fun and games atm. What else have I got to talk to you about? Well I am going back home to the glorious sunny island in like less than two weeks which is fabulous because I am a ghostly white colour and requrie sun on this skin pronto! It’s a tad risky I am legit legging it from the exam hall to the airport (taking all my belongings with me which will be stressful). Ugh I feel a tad queasy probably because the wine was ‘off’ not that wine reallty ever goes off and due to the constant thinking and writing up of pre seen questions it’s such an ache in the ballsies. I think my problem is it that I am a gulper. I am charlotte and I gulp wine and get a red wine tach every single time then I attractively lick my lips which is clearly my way to seduce. I had an indian for tea it was the highlight of the day, that and facetiming my mum because I am boring and went from being the wild one to the one that does nothing but facetime and revise. Oh how life changes. I got another care package with the cutest of post it ntoes in various shapes and pretty things


So that was cute. Note the ripples have lost their lives already and Im not sure if I am ready to write on the animals quite yet. 21 year old me. I could probably keep mumbling on forever and ever but I need to do one of those gratitude posts which always makes me sound super thankful when in reality I’m probably twiddling my thumbs on what to post… I can assure you that the care package will be making an appearance again very soon (like 5 mins soz). I should maybe be asleep because I have a zillion things to conquer tomorrow but I have a lamb pasanda so all is ok in the world and I have enough low carb high fat foods in to sink a blooming ship! Eat up CW. This all has to go within two weeks. I’m trying to think of something really witty and ingenious to include but I’m all idea-ed out. No ideas left in this 21 year old. I should admit defeat and say that the wine won ebcause let’s face it… it kind of did. I’m sure I will cringe at all the drunkenly spelt words when I have the time to realise this even ever happened. Denial. It is a beautiful thing. I highly recommend it. Stay tuned for a drunk gratitudes I can guarantee it won’t be nicely alligned and will be displeasing on the eyes but this girl don’t give a hoot.

Don’t drink wine that has been festering away for weeks kids. It’s not a good idea.

Goodnight you beautiful specimens <Β£ xxxxxxx



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