Will joked that we should run away together and live in a tent in the Peak District with a dog and live happily ever after. Perhaps this is a wise idea. I do not like fiscal barrier or parafiscal charges and I do not like directives. Im sure my little life in the hills will not require me to understand why levies are a barrier to trade. I think I’d be happier scavenging for berries (of course I’d be so pro I’d be able to identify which berries were safe and which were not. It would be so cosy when it rained as there is nothing better than hearing rain pitter patter on a tent roof whilst you are tucked up in the warmth. There would be lots of adventures with the most loveliest of dog who would be our loyal companion and would provide oodles of love.


But for now…

I must write about levies and directives, consent, occupier liability, defamation, shareholders and entering transactions at an undervalue. Oh wouldn’t life be lovely if you could hide away from responsibilities and the real world and live a real life fairy tale of your own.