I made it.


This is an important milestone in the life of Charzweb, a.k.a (Char, Charby, Charlotte, CMEW, Flossie, Flopsy)

I have flipping made it. I have survived the perils of my second year of my law degree. There is now only a year to go. Let’s rewind the clock back to September where I was utterly miserable and couldn’t even fathom how I was going to survive! I have made it. This is my final night in this disgusting flat before it’s all sweet studio living in the city.



This polaroid is the face of a girl who has flipping done it. Well I have one exam tomorrow BUT my flight departs the UK tomorrow! Everything is packed. I am ready to go. This time tomorrow I shall be home with the majority of my lovelies (of course one person is missing from the equation but not for long!) I think my brain is planning on going on strike after how much it’s been through in the last two weeks. The last week has truly tested me and my body and it’s wavered at times but it’s been an absolute babe and has stuck with me ❤

The summer is now within touching distance. It’s going to be extremely busy but I simply just cannot wait to spend time with those who mean the absolute most to me! I also can’t wait to get some sun on this pale face of mine (because I am THE definition of pasty at the moment! I’m hoping I will be able to document lots of lovely adventures and time spent with family and friends and just generally have a lovely summer! I feel all nostalgic when I look back to last summers posts on this blog! There are quite a few upcoming dates such as anniversaries (one is particularly amusing but 1000000000% needs to be documented!

I’m sorry for the lack of posts but no doubt soon enough I shall be bombarding your feeds with pretty awful photos that have been edited no doubt to make them fit with my instagram theme (I’m attempting to make it look a little prettier!)

Gosh I could just carry on nattering away to you little lovelies forever and ever but I must finish the rest of my packing and dump any food I do not intend to eat before I leave!

Also guys!!!

Can we appreciate this darling little pinafore!?!



£10 from Primark. What a bargain. I live my life in stripes and pinafores…

I love you all you wonderful little readers of my web

C xxx


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