Sunday musings!

Gosh it’s been a little while since I have written a musing! Although it may not seem like a lot has been going on because I have fairly little photographic evidence I can assure you that life has been crazy busy! In actual fact I’m leaving again on Tuesday and heading back to the UK to see Will and go on hols! So it’s all pretty hectic! Its been rather full on! So yes I am off on my travels yet again (so you probably will see some pretty photos from that and hopefully I will be able to write about dreamy adventures and memories at some point in the near future!)

I feel like we just need a quality catch up, just me and you wonderful beings and to fill you in on my life! I’ve done a LOT of shopping. I realised my summer wardrobe was pretty diabolical and now it’s all gorgeous blue bardot styled tops and beautiful embroidered tops. I LOVE them all. I’ve got some results back and so far so good (here’s hoping the others are too!) Will got some super duper good news which is incredibly exciting and he totally deserves it! I’m so excited for him! Exciting times ahead! The rest of the summer is also going to be fairly hectic! I have a fair few work placements set up in law firms which is brilliant! I’m excited about getting more experience! BUT first it’s time to go on an adventure with Will and his family and to see beautiful scenery and go to a vineyard and perhaps spend a night in a tent (who knows!) I am so so so grateful to all of you wonderful readers of my web YOU ARE TOTALLY APPRECIATED! Thank you for standing by me on the blogging front and I promise I will endeavour to write about dreamy adventures and take oodles of photos! So what can you look forward to?

  • Outfit photos potentially (because I am LOVING my wardrobe!)
  • Scenery photos
  • Musings
  • Adventures
  • Reflections
  • Marking special occassionals
  • And a whole lot more ❀
  • Room makeover photos

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